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111519Re: [pcgen] Adding a Familiar to a Character

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  • James Dempsey
    Nov 29, 2013
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      Hi Sir George,

      Yes, that is a current limitation. You can only create or remove a familiar, you can't select an existing character as a familiar. That is a request tracked at http://jira.pcgen.org/browse/CODE-1463

      There is no ETA currently (we are only looking at bugs until after 6.2.0 is out currently), but I do try and look at the more popular things first, so feel free to vote for it.


      On 30/11/2013 4:36 PM lpacdavis@... wrote

      I am using v 6.1.10 with my own personal datasets.  This could be an issue with my datasets, could be something I don't know how to do, or something else. 

      I want to be able to create a creature (example a raven), save it to its own PCG file, and then add that creature as a familiar.  It looks to me right now that I can only select the type of familiair I want, and it will be created for me.  Am I missing something?


      Sir George Anonymous

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