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110351Re: [pcgen] [DSP] Marksman Proficiency Issue

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  • Doug Limmer
    May 8, 2013
      Weird. Apparently, AUTO:WEAPONPROF|TYPE=Martial will add the halfling
      sling staff, but AUTO:WEAPONPROF|TYPE=Ranged.Martial does not. I
      couldn't tell you why. A code issue, I guess?


      On 5/8/2013 8:55 PM, Eric C Smith wrote:
      > Hi Foks,
      > PCGen 6.00.1
      > PFCR, APG, Psionics Unleashed, Find the Mark
      > I've created a Halfling Marksman.
      > Per Psionics Expanded: Find the Mark, the Marksman should get
      > proficiency in all martial projectile weapons and per the PFCR,
      > halflings treat the Halfling Slingstaff as a martial weapon, but my
      > halfling marksman is not proficient with the slingstaff.
      > I added "TYPE=Projectile.Martial" to the AUTO:WEAPONPROF tag in the
      > Marksman class in the Find the Mark set, but the halfling marksman
      > still isn't getting the proficiency.
      > Maredudd

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