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108719Re: regarding Class Features / Special Abilities listing within pcgen

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  • tripleduck
    Sep 7, 2012
      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, Andrew <drew0500@...> wrote:
      > Though, you need to remember, besides the RSRD, SRD, MSRD and
      > Paizo, the rest of the publishers DO NOT want all the information
      > displayed. After all, they want to be able to sell their products,
      > and we are an adjunct to making their customers happy.

      Understood. So, for the publishers that want limited information displayed, all the data is there in the datasets, but PCGen is just not allowed to show it all? Or is it limited data with the intent of directing the user to the book?

      > If we displayed everything, the feeling is the customer might not
      > purchase the book.

      I personally think this logic is flawed. :) I was going to get all into a heavy discussion about it, but realized half way through typing that it is the way it is and my not agreeing doesn't matter for two reason. 1) They aren't my companies, and 2) I usually stick to Pathfinder. :)

      > And, I'm the one that did the [Normal] - It aids those coming
      > behind trying to add the extra crunch mechanics. ;)

      :) It makes me happy.

      > I also concur I don't intend to split out a new tag for Normal. I
      > use a Newline and encapsulate it in Brackets.

      Sorry, I didn't mean to imply PCGen should have a NORMAL tag. There are so many things about the inner-workings of PCGen I don't know, and trust that those of you who do are far more capable of determining what will work and not work. :)

      > What would be nice is the UI to show both, depending on the User
      > Preference, you'll either See the DESC and BENEFIT text (sweet) or
      > only the BENEFIT text.

      +1 :)
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