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108718Re: [pcgen] Re: regarding Class Features / Special Abilities listing within pcgen

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  • Andrew
    Sep 7, 2012

      On 9/7/2012 12:54 AM, Susan Dittmar wrote:
      > Quoting Andrew (drew0500@...):
      >> Though, you need to remember, besides the RSRD, SRD, MSRD and Paizo, the rest of the publishers DO
      >> NOT want all the information displayed. After all, they want to be able to sell their products, and
      >> we are an adjunct to making their customers happy. If we displayed everything, the feeling is the
      >> customer might not purchase the book.
      > No problem with me. If the mechanics is in, I can add those texts in my
      > personal files without violating the publisher's intention. I did buy the
      > books after all :-)

      And you may do that.

      >> So, current code practices supported that stated goal. I think BENEFIT was brought into play for
      >> licensed set by CMP. Anyways, that's a short history.
      >> And, I'm the one that did the [Normal] - It aids those coming behind trying to add the extra crunch
      >> mechanics. ;)
      > I think I am adverse to adding a NORMAL tag. Here's my reason.
      > OK, Pathfinder (and SRD) do have a NORMAL section sometimes in the
      > feat/ability description. I agree that adding this same text to the
      > character sheet is a good step to take. I do so in my personal files.
      > But this division into "introduction", "benefit", and "normal" sections is
      > just *one* possible style of writing up an ability. I think we should not
      > trap ourselves into accomodating this one style to the fullest, and by that
      > blocking any other styles.
      > Thus I think we should use the tags like this:
      > DESC for a very brief description what the ability is about
      > BENEFIT for the detailed description, maybe split into several paragraphs
      > (adding newline is an existing feature request).

      New Line exists today.

      I also concur I don't intend to split out a new tag for Normal. I use a Newline and encapsulate it
      in Brackets.

      > Thinking of it, I am even adverse to having PCGen concatenate those two
      > texts. Once we remember that the tags names do not automatically correspond
      > to the sections of pathfinder's feat descriptions, we can make sure that
      > the BENEFIT text contains *all* the details the user might need (in this
      > case, the introductory line, the crunch and the reminder what would happen
      > without this ability). It might be a bit more work when entering the data
      > (though that can be helped with a clever editor macro), but it makes for
      > much better texts than what auto-concatenation can yield.

      AS a data monkey, I find the Benefit and DESC are easily done. The Text blocks are already set up
      with the separation

      A Feat Name
      blurb which is the desc
      prexxx goes here
      Benefit: More text with crunch
      Normal: If applicable.

      What would be nice is the UI to show both, depending on the User Preference, you'll either See the
      DESC and BENEFIT text (sweet) or only the BENEFIT text.


      > Well, just my thoughts,
      > Susan
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