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108715Re: regarding Class Features / Special Abilities listing within pcgen

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  • tripleduck
    Sep 6, 2012
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      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Wilson wrote:
      > I complained bitterly about the lack of information showing up.
      > I assumed that the detail hadn't been entered, even though we have
      > very generous permission from Paizo. Then someone pointed out
      > that our pathfinder set is doing it "wrong" and I changed the option
      > I was using. I Now see the better level of detail. Unfortunately
      > because pathfinder is "wrong", if you want to change back and
      > forth, you'll have to remember to change this setting when
      > you change gamemode.

      Hm. To me, this seems kind of silly. I mean, forcing the user to list only one or the other. Especially since some of the texty type things like feats can have more than just a description and a benefit (take Pathfinder's often having "normal" entries as well, for comparison.

      I've noticed that some of the people who've done the real work on Ultimate Combat's feats have added in a "[Normal]" tag in the BENEFIT line. I think this is great! They should all have this. Well, to keep with the data style, it would seem more fitting to be a NORMAL:desc tag.

      I personally want as much information as possible. I want to display the simple description, as well as the benefit, and any other information like comparatives to SOP. The more information I have on my character sheet, the less I have to thumb through a book in the middle of combat and halt the game while I find a rule.

      So, how difficult would it be, really, to provide the option to display both? I know that simple ideas often mean lots of work.
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