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108689Re: [pcgen] Re: regarding Class Features / Special Abilities listing within pcgen

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  • Andrew
    Sep 1, 2012
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      The tags used for Ability and Feat are:
      DESC: Short Description
      BENEFIT: Matches the Benefit Section.

      Pathfinder - currently we use both. It'd be nice to output both, but the code only takes one or the
      other. Which is used is set in a UI Preference.

      On 9/1/2012 10:25 AM, Andrew Wilson wrote:
      > There are two ways to add that data to an ability. The description tag
      > and the benefit tag. I think that for sneak attack one of these has the
      > amount of damage and the other doesn't.
      > I think you're outputting the wrong one. This is easily done because
      > the pathfinder game mode has been entered incorectly. The
      > descriptionis supposed to be the detail and the benefiit should be the
      > brief summary. In Pathfinder the Description has the mostly useless
      > brief summary.
      > I complained bitterly about the lack of information showing up.
      > I assumed that the detail hadn't been entered, even though we have
      > very generous permission from Paizo. Then someone pointed out
      > that our pathfinder set is doing it "wrong" and I changed the option
      > I was using. I Now see the better level of detail.
      > Unfortunately because pathfinder is "wrong", if you want to change
      > back and forth, you'll have to remember to change this setting when
      > you change gamemode.
      > andrew
      > On 31 August 2012 21:47, tripleduck <tulsagrown@...> wrote:
      >> --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, Andrew <drew0500@...> wrote:
      >>> Doesn't exist. Though, I suppose we could easily add that feature.
      >>> [...] If you'd like something similar, open a JIRA requesting it.
      >> It seems like a nice thing to have. Especially since there are generally
      >> aspects of the Class Features that improve with levels, like the sneak
      >> attack bonus of the rogue. Having a place to check that would help not
      >> only for seeing what abilities the character has, but for troubleshooting
      >> when things aren't working like they should.
      >>> It's low on my list of priorities, but not something that would
      >>> take long to set up for me.
      >>> Trobleshooting is just that, is the ability there. Though, if the
      >>> ability is completely filled out, you should be able to look at the
      >>> STANDARD sheet on the character Tab.
      >> Using the sneak attack as an example, the character sheet doesn't
      >> display the current sneak attack level/ability. It simply states that the
      >> character has the ability, as does the troubleshooting too. At least, I
      >> don't see it.
      >> IMHO, this would be nice to have. So, I'll take your advice and add a
      >> Jira :)
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