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108151[pcgen] pathfinder eidolon - save location

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  • Saxum Caribetum
    Jul 3 3:59 PM
      after generating my Summoner and his Eidolon, I saved him (PCGen opened
      a Save File dialog to do this - I navigated to a different location).

      I then saved the Eidolon - no Save File Dialog.

      Finally located the pcg file in the PCGen program folder, in the "PCGen
      Character Directory"
      Can't we save the Eidolon next to the PC's PCG file?

      Neil Taylor "Creo Imaginem Mente"
      ArM Code 1.5 5++ Ca++ R++p H++ ?L Y(96) T(5)- SG+++ G++++ P++ HoH(Ma++ Q+ Hg+) Fz(E)++ C++ :-) Cd++
      Saga site at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/saxum.caribetum/
      Sub Rosa Ars Magica zine - http://www.subrosamagazine.org/
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