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107272Re: Making a Pathfinder character...

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  • shakauvm
    Dec 31, 2011
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      > usual questions: which version of PCGen are you now using, and which
      > data set sources are loaded?

      Most recent stable release, with the most recent Pathfinder update, both from the main page on PCGen's sourceforge site.

      > On the Skills tab, I see "Skill points left for class:" Wizard/1 [7/7]
      > -- which is correct.

      Yeah, I did all those, but it shows 5/5 for me.

      > PCGen doesn't put the Favored Class skill points in the budget of skill
      > points (a feature which I myself find confusing when checking older
      > version characters)

      Is there a fix, other than just manually giving yourself a bonus skill point?


      -Bill Kerney
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