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106883Re: [pcgen] Re: Prestige classes and Archetypes.

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  • Eric C Smith
    Oct 1 6:16 AM
      Hi Folks!

      Nai Reilavehc wrote:

      > Sorry. My bad. I should have listed what books their from:
      > Demoniac (Pathfinder: Lords of Chaos)
      > Diabolist (Pathfinder: Princes of Darkness)
      > Hellknight (Pathfinder: Inner Sea World Guide)
      > Inheritor's Crusader (Pathfinder: Counsel of Thieves [The Sixfold Trial])
      > Ape Shaman and Holy Gun (Pathfinder: Ultimate Combat)
      > Winter Witch and Chelish Diva (Pathfinder: Inner Sea Magic)

      The short answer is yes, we intend to include these book, and therefore the classes you are asking about.

      The longer answer is that as all of our data sets are encoded by volunteers, and most of the books listed do not have data monkey's stepping forward to code them, it may be awhile. On the otherhand, if you feel up to it, you can always tackle them yourself. We even have a Yahoo!Group, PCGenListFileHelp, where you can go to get help!

      Additionally, the PCGen team is always looking for more monkeys to help code sets so, again if your up for it, we would love to include any data sets that you create for this material!

      Eric C Smith
      PCGen Doc 2nd
      PR/PL Chimp, Data Gibbon
      Tracker Gibbon, Web Lemur
      Tenacious Monkey
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