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106503Re: {Disarmed} [pcgen] PCGen, Ubuntu and Deskop user

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  • Peter Whitby
    Aug 1, 2011
      Quick workaround:
      You could open a terminal, start the pcgen.sh with sudo. That way, any
      other action, including stopping PCGen and using the shell, will do so
      at the PCGen account permissions.

      Just a dumb question, but have you put the execute permissions onto
      pcgen.sh? They're off by default...


      On 02/08/11 10:20, Paul wrote:
      > Okay I'm trying to get my Ubuntu laptop setup so that there's a
      > "PCGen" user for use at GenCon that way nobody can accidentally mess
      > with the computer while nobody is looking, Account is set to Desktop
      > User. But the pcgen.sh won't launch, the pcgen.jar will but is
      > bringing up the blank screens like it's using OpenJDK.
      > My java version is 1.6.0_26" Java SE Runtime Environment.
      > Here's the kicker, my main user account (which is an admin account)
      > brings it up just fine.
      > Is there any tweeks I'm missing when creating a Desktop User account?

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