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105821Re: [pcgen] How to remove temporary bonus by default.

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  • Susan Dittmar
    May 4, 2011
      Quoting Andrew (drew0500@...):
      > Hi,
      > Simple solution, Save the Temp Mods on/off as they are when you save the character. Upon reload, the
      > temp mods are either on or off as they were when you saved the character.
      > Seems to be the most simple solution to me.

      For my needs, it is. But if I understand Mark correctly, he wished the temp
      mods to automatically come off with save/load of character.

      So, combined with my interjection, he came to requesting a a per-character
      per-temp-mod flag "turn off upon character load". I myself would vote for
      "turn off upon interactive character load", if such a feature be added,
      though that is not necessary for my personal needs.

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