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105820Re: [pcgen] How to remove temporary bonus by default.

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  • Andrew
    May 4, 2011

      Simple solution, Save the Temp Mods on/off as they are when you save the character. Upon reload, the
      temp mods are either on or off as they were when you saved the character.

      Seems to be the most simple solution to me.

      On 5/4/2011 6:03 AM, Mark Morrill wrote:
      > Actually, I agree with Susan...
      > What I would like is this: temp bonuses that I can decide will automatically be applied on loading or not.
      > Thus if I've got a monster that goes in play buffed up, I don't have to manually check every box. Or if I have a monster that might have "enlarge person", "reduce person", "bull strength", "barkskin", etc, I don't have to manually turn off each buff.
      > Something like a "Apply on load" checkbox would do the trick with temp bonuses (default is on to be backwards compatible)
      > On May 4, 2011, at 16:19 , Susan Dittmar wrote:
      >> Hi folks,
      >> I can understand Mark's request, but please do *not* enforce that. An
      >> 'uncheck all' or perhaps even a preferences switch would be fine, but I
      >> would *hate* to have to re-apply some templates over and over again just
      >> because I loaded a character sheet. Even more, I would hate to not be able
      >> to batch-create character sheets just because they incorporate temporary
      >> effects. Like for example the skeleton I know to stand in an unhollowed
      >> area -- as a DM I prefer to have the effect calculated into the skeleton's
      >> character sheet. It frees brain capacities urgently needed for tactics ;-)
      >> Just my thoughts,
      >> Susan
      >> __._,_
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