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104526Re: [pcgen] Re: Kingmaker Campaign Traits

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  • Stefan Radermacher
    Nov 2, 2010
      On Wednesday 03 November 2010 02:27:06 Derrik H. Gilmore wrote:
      > Quick FYI. When starting a new campaign/Adventure Path, Campaign Traits are
      > NOT a requirement. Like any other trait they are an optional component and
      > basically give you one more category of traits to choose from. They primary
      > intention is to tie you closer to the beginning of the campaign and give
      > you a reason for your character to get involved in the campaign. Now, you
      > can certainly make it a requirement for your campaign, but there is no
      > other requirement.
      > "Campaign traits are tailored to a specific Adventure Path, and give your
      > character a built-in reason to begin the first adventure in a new campaign.
      > Some campaign traits also grant teamwork benefits if you choose to begin a
      > campaign with your character having a pre-existing relationship with
      > another PC." And if you continue reading the section on campaign traits in
      > any of the Adventure Paths out there, you'll see nowhere that it is
      > required a character take a campaign trait - though certainly advisable.

      Your quote is correct, however there is more. Check out APG page 330, in the
      section named "Campaign Traits" it says:

      "If your GM uses campaign traits, one of your starting traits must be a
      campaign trait. Your other trait can be chosen from one of the other types of
      traits." You will find the words to the same effect in the original Character
      Traits web enhancement for the Pathfinder RPG on page 3, upper left.

      > Also once a new character joins the campaign at a later date, s/he can
      > certainly take an existing campaign trait if so desired, though the player
      > and GM should probably work on adjusting the wording somewhat =)

      Depending on the campaign that might noit really makes sense, for example, as
      mentioned earlier with the campaign traits from then Serpent's Skull Player's
      Guide. Those are meaningless for a character that doesn't start out at the
      beginning at the campaign.

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