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102684Re: [pcgen] Re: CR?

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  • Susan Dittmar
    Jun 2, 2010
      Quoting Eddy Anthony (eddyba@...):
      > On 6/1/10 12:18 PM, Susan Dittmar wrote:
      > > The tags that allow changing CR (few as they are) are quite restrictive,
      > > too. As far as I can tell, they only accept numbers, not variables. At
      > > least the CR tag in templates only accepts plain numbers. I tried to use TL
      > > or some formula there, which failed.
      > Does BONUS:MISC|CR|x not take variables?

      It works! Hooray, it works! Thanks!

      I just wonder -- where would I have found that tag? I looked so hard when I
      tried to make it work in the first place...


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