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101023Re: Bug: Pathfinder Release 3. Locks on adding level to Rogue.

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  • Darrell D
    Nov 1, 2009

      Thanks for the head's-up I saw the discussion with some of the skills but I thought this was something else. It may be worth mentioning, since 64 bit windows was brought up as a culprit, that it is locking up 32bit XP too.

      It also looks like Notepad under Win7 is opening the .lst file as one huge chunk of text... Not sure if Wordpad is formatting it correctly (it's not one big block of text but I don't think it's broken up like it's supposed to) so I'll probably have to try the editing on another computer with Notepad under XP.

      What's the functionality that's lost when editing out the "conditional" skills? I want to make sure that the player works around it properly.

      Thanks again.

      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "David R. Bender" <Papa.DRB@...> wrote:
      > There is a problem with the Pathfinder 3 datasets that involves
      > conditional skills and what to do is being discussed, as a work around
      > do the following with a text only editor (notepad for windows).
      > In the following file:
      > PCGen\data\alpha\paizo\pathfinder_rpg\pathfinder_rpg_core_rulebook\pathfinder_rpg_core_rulebook_skills_conditional.lst
      > comment out the third 'block' of data lines by putting a # in front of
      > each line. The ' block heading' is:
      > ###Block: Workaround lack of Skill Ranks in chosen skill
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      > Darrell D wrote:
      > > I've been playing with this program for the first time and it's a great tool. Many thanks to all those who have worked so hard on this!
      > >
      > > But one of my players is having a tough time creating their Rogue because it locks up every time they attempt to add a level. I've verified this on Vista 64, Win7 64, and XP x86.
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