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101020Re: [pcgen] Bug: Pathfinder Release 3. Locks on adding level to Rogue.

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  • David R. Bender
    Nov 1, 2009
      There is a problem with the Pathfinder 3 datasets that involves
      conditional skills and what to do is being discussed, as a work around
      do the following with a text only editor (notepad for windows).

      In the following file:

      comment out the third 'block' of data lines by putting a # in front of
      each line. The ' block heading' is:
      ###Block: Workaround lack of Skill Ranks in chosen skill


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      Darrell D wrote:
      > I've been playing with this program for the first time and it's a great tool. Many thanks to all those who have worked so hard on this!
      > But one of my players is having a tough time creating their Rogue because it locks up every time they attempt to add a level. I've verified this on Vista 64, Win7 64, and XP x86.
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