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Re: [pcgen-xml] How goes it?

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  • Keith Davies
    ... Or, say, Entity? With a subtype called Progression ? ... Yep, adding ranks in the Monk progression adds ranks in the Monk Unarmed Combat progression
    Message 1 of 21 , Jan 20, 2004
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      On Tue, Jan 20, 2004 at 09:57:45AM -0500, CC Noram Carstensen James wrote:
      > Frugal wrote:
      > > I have always thought that races should be class level 0.
      > >
      > > A first level human monk should be 0:Human, 1:Monk
      > >
      > > A first level Orc should be 0:Orc-Race, 1:Orc
      > >
      > > A first level Orc Monk should be 0:Orc-Race, 1:Monk
      > >
      > > An Orge/Mnk1 shoudl be 0:Ogre, 1:Giant, 2:Giant, 3:Giant, 4:Giant,
      > > 5:Monk
      > >
      > > An Ogre/Mnk1 character with 2ECL should be 0:Ogre, 1:Giant, 2:Giant,
      > > 3:Giant, 4:Giant, 5:ECL, 6:ECL, 7:Monk
      > >
      > > An AstraDeva should be 0:Celestial, 1:AstraDeva, 2:AstraDeva ...
      > This I can sink my teeth into. I like it.
      > Though the ECL example gets a bit odd because it's really a Level
      > Adjustment, not a real level, so it doesn't trigger some level-based
      > events (like feats and ability increases).
      > Of course, I think that races, monster levels, templates, and class
      > levels are all really the same thing at the core. Let's call that a
      > Widget just for discussion.

      Or, say, Entity? With a subtype called 'Progression'?

      > Frugal, would your comments above be okay with instead of being "a
      > level 0 widget" being "a widget that adds 0 levels"?
      > If so, try something like this.
      > Orc is a widget that contains all of the orcish racial adjustments,
      > including abilities, skills, etc. One part is that it does not add to
      > level.
      > Monk[1] is a widget that contains all of the adjustments for being a
      > 1st level monk. One part is that it does add a level. (And as a side
      > note, most things like unarmed damage and the like it just increments
      > by 1 on another chart as opposed to spelling it out.)

      Yep, adding ranks in the Monk progression adds ranks in the 'Monk
      Unarmed Combat progression' (for lack of a better name); I never even
      considered putting the actual monk unarmed stuff *in* Monk. Same with
      spellcasting ability (because prestige classes give ranks in it as

      > So a 2nd level orc monk would have three widgets - an orc widget, a
      > monk[1] widget, and a monk[2] widget. Only two of those increment
      > level, so it's a 2nd level character.

      Slightly different emphasis than I had, but not unreasonable.

      > Some widgets might contain a level adjustment but not a level (or HD).
      > So that you could easily build the Savage Species 20 widget version of
      > the Astral Deva, which has only 12 widgets that add levels (and HD),
      > and 8 widgets that don't.
      > (Note: This is just talking out loud, not proposing any changes to
      > Keith's ideas.)

      Actually, what you're describing here very much matches what I've
      designed. Progressions group them to ensure they happen in a particular
      order without having extraneous prereqs ('to get Monk[2] you must have
      Monk[1]'). The 'Astral Deva Widgets' you describe fit the 'Astra Deva
      Pre-base Progression' I was trying to describe.

      There are few differences (such as having level just be another score;
      I don't recall if I was going to track it or just count when I needed to
      know, but tracking it makes a fair amount of sense), but nothing that
      far out of line.

      Remember, everyone, the Wiki describes *a* way to implement D&D.
      Details (structure of individual entities, etc.) are expected to change,
      though I expect the framework to stay much the same.

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