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Re: [pcgen-xml] Quick question from new monkey - negative logic

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  • Keith Davies
    ... well, that s not valid XML anyway. What we re going to do, I think -- and it s not going to work everywhere... yet -- is to add an op attribute to all
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      On Mon, Mar 17, 2003 at 11:38:28PM +0000, Robert Henneise wrote:
      > Ok, I'm sure this has come up previously somewhere, but the existing
      > lst files uses a bit of negative logic (especially PRExxx), and it
      > has become quickly apparent to me that just a tag conversion isn't
      > going to work for those.
      > !PRERACE becomes <!PRERACE>
      > which generates some problems with XML (at least, for me)
      > So how would I go about using negative logic in XML?

      well, that's not valid XML anyway. What we're going to do, I think --
      and it's not going to work everywhere... yet -- is to add an 'op'
      attribute to all prereq-type tags that inverts the truth of the
      statement. To use your example above, you could have

      <prerace refname="Dwarf" />

      character *is* a dwarf

      <prerace refname="Dwarf" op="not" />

      character *is not* a dwarf

      As I said, it won't work everywhere yet, but it will work where we
      already allow !.

      Keith Davies

      PCGen: <reaper/>, smartass
      "You just can't argue with a moron. It's like handling Nuclear
      waste. It's not good, it's not evil, but for Christ's sake, don't
      get any on you!!" -- Chuck, PCGen mailing list
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