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  • creeperman.geo
    I realize most of this may be premature, seeing as the spec hasn t even been laid down, but maybe this ll help provoke some discussion and more ideas. Some of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22 3:18 AM
      I realize most of this may be premature, seeing as the spec hasn't
      even been laid down, but maybe this'll help provoke some discussion
      and more ideas. Some of this has been crossed over from the main

      1) Prerequisites: I propose that we build in some method to
      selectively ignore prerequisites (for feats, classes, or what have
      you) on a case-by-case basis, to better support oddball classes that
      may allow this. Take Weapon Specialization, for instance. It's
      prerequisites are Weapon Focus and Fighter level 4+. However, the
      Psychic Warrior gains and automatic Weapon Specialization at level 6,
      but can never take it again, unless he takes 4 levels of fighter. In
      the current LST kludge, we simply define another Weapon
      Specialization feat, but this creates a potentially messy stacking
      issue, and relies on people having to police the feat list more
      closely to prevent it. This gets worse every time a supplement adds
      a new case. As of 2.7.3, for instance, the last release with the
      WotC splatbooks, there were no less than three Weapon Specialization
      feats in just the WotC LSTs. This should probably be nipped in the
      bud before it resurfaces, if we're redesigning anyway.

      Other cases for this include the Monk's automatic feats Deflect
      Arrows, Improved Trip, and Stunning Fist, which all selectively
      ignore certain prerequisites.

      2) Choices: Hopefully, the CHOOSER dialog will be getting killed off
      in favor of something more user-friendly, but it's replacement should
      have some capability to receive a further restriction on allowed
      choices, to be determined at runtime. For instance, the S&F/OA
      Weapon Master chooses one particular type of weapon at first level,
      and gains bonus feats, such as Improved Critical, but only with that
      one weapon type. While you could create a duplicate Improved
      Critical feat for just that class, you face the same stacking issues
      described above. The alternative is allow *any* weapon to be chosen
      with Improved Critical, but again, this requires users to police the
      program, which is backwards.

      3) Virtual and inherited class features: It'd be nice if there were a
      method of tagging certain class features as features of a "virtual"
      class, which could then be "inherited" by other classes.
      Spellcasting abilities (both spells per day and spells known, as well
      as caster level) might be tagged as such, as would the Monk's unarmed
      attack and damage progressions, speed, and armor class bonuses.
      Other classes could then easily specify that a character advancing in
      the inheriting class gains one or more "virtual" levels of the base
      class, for purposes of those class features.

      This functionality would replace the current ADD:SPELLCASTER tag, and
      would also be useful for defining monsterous races which confer
      natural spellcasting ability (such as dragons).

      Just some 5 AM ramblings. Take them as you will.
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