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Re: [pcgen-xml] Re: Character data

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  • Darel Finkbeiner
    Umm.... wow.... Yes, the example char.xml file is pretty shallow. Basically, I load it into classes inside of my program, since I m not concerned (mainly)
    Message 1 of 12 , Apr 4, 2002
      Umm.... wow....

      Yes, the example char.xml file is pretty shallow. Basically, I load it into
      classes inside of my program, since I'm not concerned (mainly) with
      *building* characters, only viewing them.

      The rules being inside the file are due to a request by the ... leader?...
      of the group as well as one of the PCGen ... code monkeys?.... That means
      that, yes, there are calculations being done inside the program (for them,
      PCGen, for me another program), however, I load them from XML and then
      discard the XML since it's slower to manipulate than native classes.

      The purpose for me having the file at all, is as a starting point. Many of
      the details will change, such as the ids ('feat.phb.dodge'), and other
      details. At this point I am mostly tracking any developments on the list
      since I'm deeply involved in other projects right now. (Namely a Traveller
      subsector mapping program in OpenGL). As soon as any progress is made I'll
      move to adjust my programs to match whatever comes out.

      As I said, I'm using a character viewer, and wanting to use the XML output of
      PCGen (when it's finished) for loading into my program (d20 ListView). The
      current version just uses internal Python classes for the data that it needs
      to display. I would love to incorporate PCGen files, but until more progress
      is made, I'm concentrating on my other projects....

      Anyway, if you have anything you want to publish, just email it to me
      (darelf@...) and I'll put it up on the anonymous ftp server for
      other people, if you want. Plus it'll give me a chance to look at it.

      Oh, and, nice to meet you....

      On Thursday 04 April 2002 05:44 pm, you wrote:
      > --- In pcgen-xml@y..., "mythicrpg" <darelf@m...> wrote:
      > > Has there been any sort of format proposed for character data, yet?
      > > i.e. for saving character data to xml....
      > >
      > > ( what I'm working with now is at
      > > ftp://mythicrpg.dnsalias.net/char.xml )
      > Hi all,
      > I'm totally new to the PCGen-XML discussion (trying to trace it and
      > get up to speed), but I have tried to follow PCGen itself for a
      > while. I've been looking for a DND character XML format as well.
      > I have been busy building a character editor myself and I came to a
      > different format. I don't have a website or FTP server so
      > unfortunately I can't supply it here. Please send me an e-mail
      > (r.vanwees @ chello.nl) if you'd like a copy.
      > Looking at your proposal, I had a few questions:
      > I tried making the character (in xml) into a 'living' thing, designed
      > to be updated and changed over any period of time. In designing it,
      > or rather, seeing it evolve, I found that many values, stats in
      > particular, have bonuses and modifiers that change when building and
      > extending your character. How do you deal with this?
      > The structure in your example is rather shallow. Is this on purpose?
      > When working on the character xml, I did a lot of grouping, like
      > putting the stats in an 'abilities' element, the classes in a 'class'
      > element. This provided me with more ease to take out and handle a
      > bunch of data without having to loop through the XML or DOM every
      > time. How do you handle this?
      > I assume, from the setup of the xml, that the rules, by which you
      > build characters (i.e. phb rules), are coded into the editor. Is this
      > true? I put the rules into an XML file (much like the classes xml I
      > found in the PCGen CVS tree) and built a rule engine to parse them,
      > updating the character xml along the way.
      > How do you use the ids (like 'feat.phb.dodge')? looking through the
      > messages in this thread, I saw a reference to (name?) resolving, but
      > couldn't find out what it meant.
      > Hope I haven't been too nosy,
      > Regards,
      > Rob.
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