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Re: [pcgen-xml] Java & XML serialization sample

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  • Keith Davies
    ... okay, this has been a disturbingly unproductive weekend. I haven t gotten anything done since Friday (not that I m stuck, I ve just been busy). In the
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 17, 2002
      Keith Davies wrote on Thu Mar 14 16:19:24 2002:
      > http://s142-179-103-186.bc.hsia.telus.net/kjdavies/pcgen-xml

      okay, this has been a disturbingly unproductive weekend. I haven't
      gotten anything done since Friday (not that I'm stuck, I've just been

      In the directory above, you'll find a ZIP file containing the source
      I've got so far. Unzip it into a directory on your CLASSPATH; I've
      got a directory org/pcgen/PCGen that has all the source. I haven't
      sorted out ant yet on my machine (or at all, really), so I've included
      the compiled class files to make things simpler.

      to give it a try, make sure the directory the ZIP file was unpacked in
      is part of CLASSPATH, then cd to org/pcgen/PCGen/test and do
      java org.pcgen.PCGen.test.PCGenDataTest

      This will cause sample.xml to be loaded and (a subset of) the
      information parsed out and dumped to stdout.

      Class breakdown:
      data/ Classes that contain decoded information
      loader/ Loader interface. Can be implemented to load current LST
      files -- with a lot of work, I think, because certain
      information would have to be parsed out.
      test/ classes for testing
      xml/ Main classes for loading and parsing XML files
      xml/element/ Classes for handling element data as it's read; these
      apply attributes and subelements as needed for the data

      The data classes have no knowledge whatsoever of XML, nor does the
      primary data class (PCGenData -- I want a better name for this; I'm
      thinking of DataStore). The loader and related classes (ArmorElement,
      etc) use the data classes, not the other way around. This provides
      greatest flexibility for adding new loaders and storing the data in
      other ways.

      No documentation in the source yet, nor design document. It seems to
      work reasonably well, though.

      Oh yeah -- you'll need Xerces to get it to run, as written.

      Keith Davies

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