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  • Tom Deprez
    Hi, Well, I announced it last week that I would make a small program in Delphi for Windows which when finished would give some usefull tools for Tracking
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2002

      Well, I announced it last week that I would make a small program in Delphi
      for Windows which 'when finished' would give some usefull tools for Tracking
      game stuff by the Games Master. I thought to work on it a little bit more
      before I would release it, but unfortunately, I hadn't the time yet, so I
      uploaded, the very first compiled version I have now. You can find it at
      Applications/GMTrack at the yahoogroup. Hopefully I'll be able to add lot's
      of things to it later on. The idea is to make a working thing which
      hopefully later will be added to PCGen in a Java version.
      Meanwhile, we can use this version, add, remove and test some ideas, without
      asking annoying questions to the developers of PCGen like eg 'When will X be
      added to PCGen', etc.

      Now, the idea is that all the interested people try it out, give ideas and
      use it :-)

      What's in this at the moment:

      1) A party grid, which contains all party members (you can add, delete, edit
      2) A history grid with XP data of every party member.
      3) A Panel to add XP (and options in how to add the XP) in several ways:
      a) Just enter the XP's
      b) By CR
      c) Through encounters, which are loaded from an XML-file.

      My knowledge of XML is poor, so there I would like to have advice from the
      XML-gurus. I made a small sample XML file in how I see which information is
      needed to be used for the XP-Tracker. Look at it, destroy it and give me a
      better, more XML-way to incorporate it. The idea is that such an XML file
      will contain all possible encounters of a certain module (eg Sunless
      Citadell, or own made, ....).
      These XML files will be used by the XP Tracker and by the encounter pdf
      printer (a file will be printed which will contain all needed encounter
      data, so that when you start the module, all you need is to print out the
      encounters and you've a handy encouter sheet)

      Regards, Tom
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