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RE: Getting back to the Choose Tag... (was: [pcgen-xml] Can we use XPath (was Re: [pcgen-xml] First pass at an XML choose tag))

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  • Frugal
    ... Remember that there is a difference between adding a weapon prof to a character and adding a feat that adds a weapon
    Message 1 of 8 , May 14, 2004
      <quote who="Jenni A. Merrifield">
      > <quote who="Frugal">
      >> i.e. instead of "feat.weapon-prof(Longsword,Kama)" we have
      >> "feat.weapon-prof(Longsword)" and "feat.weapon-prof(kama)".
      > I wanted to avoid that, because then you not only need an entity for
      > every
      > weapon prof (that can be added to the character) but you also need an
      > entity
      > for every weapon prof feat, every other feat that is based on a weapon
      > prof,
      > &c. which ends up with a number of entities increasing as N^(x+1) (where x
      > is
      > the number of entities, like feats, that rely on weapon proficiencies).
      > Doing it as feat.weapon-prof, &c. gives us an increase in individual equal
      > to
      > only N+x (N for all the individual weapon profs and x for all the things
      > that
      > use it). Much better.

      Remember that there is a difference between adding a weapon prof to a
      character and adding a feat that adds a weapon prof.

      I have a lot of characters, but I have only ever used the weapon-prof
      feats a couple of times. You could well end up with a character that has
      the following:

      <entity idref="weapon-prof.dagger"/>
      <entity idref="weapon-prof.longbow"/>
      <entity idref="weapon-prof.longsword"/>
      <entity idref="weapon-prof.greatsword"/>
      <entity idref="feat.weapon-prof.exotic">
      <choose idref="kama"/>

      NOTE: This is not an accurate representation of the data, but just a rough
      sketch to show how the same data can be held in a couple of different

      The only thing we would need is a way to add all weapon profs that match a
      certain query:

      <choose id="all_simple_weapons" num="all">
      <choice select="/entities/entity[types/type='weapon-prof' and

      > Also, doing it the way you are suggesting means that any time someone
      > wants
      > to add a new weapon proficiency then they also have to add new feats that
      > use
      > it, &c. Yuck. :-P

      Not really, if it is a martial, exotic or simple weapon then it can be
      added using the appropriate feats / choices. If it is a new type such as
      "firearm" then you would want a new fet to assign them anyway.

      > Where additional filtering of which "choices" are allowed, it should be
      > possible to attach prereqs to any given choose or choice tag, such as,
      > ah...
      > well...
      > <choice kind="entity" refid="feat.weapon-prof">
      > <prereq kind="mult">
      > <prereq kind="entity" type="weapon-prof martial">
      > </prereq>
      > </choice>

      Is this saying: iterate over all of the entities in the system and add it
      to the selectable ones if the it satisfies the <prereq>

      > [ASIDE] How do we filter in entity X based on what has already been added
      > to
      > entity Y? E.G., when choosing a new weapon-prof feat, you should only
      > have a
      > choice of weapon-prof's not yet attached to the character entity and this
      > is
      > different for every character.

      I would consider adding an 'exclude' option for choices.

      <choose "weapon_prof_1">
      <choice select="/entities/entity[types/type='weapon-prof']"/>
      <choice exclude="/character/entities/entity[types/type='weapon-prof']"/>

      Again, this could be expressed in terms of 'kind' and 'type' providing we
      have some way of accessing the character from them.

      We would also be able to say things like "any 5th level wizard spell
      execpt those form the necromancy domain".

      > When you pick a feat like weapon focus,
      > you
      > should only get to choose from the list of weapon-profs that are already
      > attached to the character entity... and so on.
      > [/ASIDE]

      <choice select="/character/entities/entity[types/type='weapon-prof']" />

      would select all weapon profs currently assigned to the character

      > The "choose" tag should only apply in the context of exactly whatever
      > entity it's being applied to and only ever returns one thing at any one
      > time
      > - the choice that was actually made. Generally, that one thing should
      > then
      > be added to another entity so that you can access the actual various
      > choices
      > made for that entity by referencing that entity.

      What should that choice be? Should it be a String, or an object ?

      I am wondering if the "database" that is the application data should be a
      bit more tree structured for queries:

      instead of just having entities as a top level object, I wonder if we
      should refer to the entities by type. so as well as being able to query


      we could also use a different query to return the same results set:


      i.e. create a dynamic virtual tree internally based on the 'type' elements
      of the data. but because they were just references t other points in the
      tree we could still get access to all of the other types:


      Would return a list of all simple weapon-profs...

      > Out of time - gotta go to work. I'll reply to the rest later. :-)

      Out of time, got to go back to pretending to be doing StarTeam training
      exercises (for some reason here they give people external net acccess in
      training rooms ;O)

      -OS Chimp
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