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Re: Group ending/ownership

... Hi Eric, I recognize your name from 'way back. Done. You are now owner of the list. I am going to take a quick look through the files section to see if
Keith Davies
Dec 5, 2012

Re: Group ending/ownership

I'll take it. I am currently the Doc 2nd for PCGen and am planning on moving the docs to xml eventually. ... Eric C Smith PCGen Doc 2nd PR/PL Chimp, Data Chimp
Eric C Smith
Dec 5, 2012

Group ending/ownership

Hi All, I created the PCGen-XML Yahoo group back around 2002-2003 to head up the creation of an XML schema for PCGen and integrate it into PCGen. My life has
Keith Davies
Dec 5, 2012

XML data format for PCGen can now be legitimately explored once more

For those who might still be pottering about this list, please see: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen_experimental/message/12659 If you wish to join a
Martijn Verburg
May 11, 2009

Re: XML and the PCGen Tag Dictionary . . .

I am interested What do you need? alograg
Jun 17, 2008

XML and the PCGen Tag Dictionary . . .

Hi Folks! I note there hasn't been a lot of activity on this list but I thought I'd drop by and see if I could drum up some support for a documentation project
Eric C. Smith
Jun 16, 2008

Re: XML conversion dead?

Yes, this group is pretty dead. No posts have gone by for a long time. Ysgarran. snowblind1 wrote: I was just wondering if the XML conversion is still
Oct 31, 2006

XML conversion dead?

I was just wondering if the XML conversion is still underway, or is it dead? Or, has there been a shift to some other format? Thanks!
Oct 29, 2006

[PCGEN] Happy Solstace to All PCGen'rs [OT]

I'd just like to take a second to wish everyone a Happy Solstace tonight! - David Bebber (aka. Rageheart)
David M. Bebber
Dec 21, 2005

Re: Expanded pcg proposal

LOL Just getting the built-in editors to work well has been an effort for a number of years now. I think that, if the code team were to focus solely on the
Paul W. King
Oct 12, 2005

Re: Expanded pcg proposal

Ok ... what about an editor for the data sets, which could support the zipped or unzipped data sets automatically. ... From: pcgen-xml@yahoogroups.com
Edwin Holley
Oct 12, 2005

Re: Expanded pcg proposal

... Speed was never the problem with the freq. The problem is social. There are a number of places where we get pushback on this. One is from data monkeys,
Devon Jones
Oct 12, 2005

Re: Expanded pcg proposal

Could we use this Base functionality to implement FREQ [ 1223158 ] store datasets in a zip archive ?? On Tue, 11 Oct 2005 11:45:20 -0500, Devon Jones
David M. Bebber
Oct 11, 2005

Re: Expanded pcg proposal

... Yes, I figured that would be the approach, but since I've (happily) been away from Java for several years now, wasn't sure how good the APIs were these
Fred Drake
Oct 11, 2005

Re: Expanded pcg proposal

... We'll just use the built in java stuff. Java can open zip files and manipulate them as a base function of java (Jar files are zip files) Devon
Devon Jones
Oct 11, 2005
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