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99new to the area, and the group...looking to start a NEW community garden.

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  • Larissa
    Mar 12, 2007
      Hi all,

      I just bought a house in West Philly on the 5200 block of Webster St. There is a vacant lot just
      behind my house that I would love to see develop into something good for the neighborhood
      rather than another potential loitering place. The lot was an old laundromat and is located
      directly across the street from a very nice, brand new Rite Aid. It is adjacent to the Harrington
      School Annex. Being so close to a school I wonder if there is added incentive to potentially
      get the students involved.

      From what little research I've done so far I know that the lot (on the corner of 53rd and
      Baltimore) is just one block outside of the Cedar Park neighborhood and therefore likely in
      the Cobbs Creek community. I have contacted the Cobbs Creek Community Environmental
      Education Center but I'm not sure that they get involved in starting new community gardens.

      I am not really that well-versed in this stuff but if anyone out there knows the appropriate
      people to contact you'd be a big help. I'm sure grant proposals will need to be written and a
      lot of red tape will have to be dealt with but your responses are all much appreciated!

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