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128Plant Sale in W. Mt Airy section of Phila on 6/7

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  • Ronda Throne-Murray
    May 30, 2008
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      From My Garden To Yours



      The Friends of Ned Wolf Park are having a PlantSale on Saturday June 7th, 9am-12:30pm (raindate Sunday June 8th) at the corner of McCallum and W. Ellet Sts.  This is a win-win-win event! We hope you’ll be interested. Here’s why.


      We are helping gardeners who hate throwing away their spring plant divisions. If you’ll pot up perennial divisions and call us to arrange a drop off, we will help them find a new home. We are accepting donations up until 9am the morning of the sale (no green hostas please). We will have a generous base of plants available to people who want to spruce up their yard with new plants and get a good deal in the process.


       We can even help you select plants to fit your garden conditions because the volunteers at the sale are gardeners who will be joined by a couple of other landscape professionals. Everything will be priced below retail and the proceeds will benefit the “Friends of Ned Wolf Park”.


      100% of the money collected will be put toward essential materials needed for Ned Wolf Park. We hope you’ll agree this is a good cause.


      While we reuse and recycle plants, we can reduce the costs of greening our community from the gifts of one garden to the gardens growing all around us! Everybody wins.


      See you in the park.     


      If you have plants that you want to donate to the plant sale or need more information,

       please contact either Eric at (215) 248-5533 or emsternfels@... 

                                    or Susie at (215) 844-7675 or susiebloch@...