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11Re: meeting agenda

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  • pacocommgdn <jverin@pennhort.org>
    Dec 12, 2002
      Some thoughts of mine on the below....
      > Agenda Topic List:
      > 1. Creation of "By Laws and Rules of Procedure for future meetings".

      Yes! The earlier the better. Yet, keep it light.

      > 2. Creation of "A system for distribution of dutys for meetings".

      See above.

      > 3. Creation of "A Material Resource List for the group".
      > 4. Creation of "A Shared Knowlegebase Contact Book for the group".
      > 5. D.I.Y. Garden Projects: "Instructions for constructing Raised
      > garden beds ect..."

      Philly Green has a "Gardeners Guide" which has heaps of information
      on the above 3 topics. I have a few copies for those that are
      interested. LOL gardeners should have at least one copy (Michele?).

      > 6. Creation of "A Philadelphia based Community Garden Seed Trade."

      My dream! I've given a couple of seed saving workshops, and am always
      eager to do more. I find that few people save seeds, and don't know
      what the catch is to inspiring them to do so. P'raps showing up in
      their gardens at the right times throughout the season... Ideas???

      > 7. Methods of finding more gardens to take part in the group.

      I can provide mailing labels for select active gardens in Philly.
      Or names and phone numbers. Calls may be better than a mailing,
      especially this time of year.

      Keep it growing!
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