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New Spokes & Nipples 4-4-2000

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    [Image] Wednesday, 8th November 2000 Issue No: 4-4-2000 Official Newsletter of PCC CYCLING CLUB Your Perfect Cycling Companions CONTENTS 1. VIEW FROM THE
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      Wednesday, 8th November 2000                                                                         Issue No: 4-4-2000

      Official Newsletter of PCC CYCLING CLUB
      Your Perfect Cycling Companions


      10. TIPS OF THE WEEK
      11. POTPOURRI

      By Peter Choong

      Stop press! The Y2K1 PCC Committee has been constituted - with a combination of old and new blood. Our appreciation goes to those of you who have volunteered to serve on the committee to work for the well being of the club. Especially those who have served on the Y2K Committee and carrying on another term. Mind you, it involves a lot of personal sacrifice in terms of time and effort. All in the interest of promoting cycling as a healthy form of recreation. So let’s play our part and give them our full support by participating actively and enthusiastically in all events organised for the club.

      Talking of support, one way to show yours is to submit your writeup to us after each ride or event, no matter how short. Or it can be on any subject of interest. Don’t worry about grammar or language (BM versions most welcome) because we are only interested in what you have to say, not how you say it. Creative or stylish writing, well, we’ll leave that to James! Who knows, you may discover a hidden talent in yourself, just like when you took up cycling only to discover that you could tackle terrains which you once thought suicidal to even step on!

      The Committee had a very fruitful discussion of our calendar for Y2K1. Dates for the core events have been pinned down. Event managers have been appointed for each event to ensure effective implementation. In the works are plans to hold major inter-club rides (both on and off-road) to promote greater interaction amongst fellow cycling enthusiasts.

      With the postponement of HOB Sg Lembing, we have come to the end of all core events for Y2K. Rest assured that there would be no letup in your cranking in the remaining weekend rides. But to add diversity and keep things interesting, we’ll need to reccee more trails. In this respect, we’d welcome ideas on new trails to include in our weekend rides. Better still, join us in our reccees or do your own and share the findings with us! You’d be doing the club a big favour.

      Only 6 PCC regulars turned up for last Sunday’s ride with the Klang MTB group because some opted to do a reccee of Bukit Lanjan instead. Combo has the story on the Klang adventure. Over at Kuantan, Chin and gang had a road ride in view of the inclement weather. Paul had an interesting ride in Dubai. Check out their stories.

      We’ll be riding Bukit Kiara this Sunday in lieu of Sg Lembing. Have fun tackling the fabulous singletracks with PCC – your Perfect Cycling Companions.


      Our appreciation goes to the new office bearers as follows:

      Tyrant Dictator aka President  Chin WY (back by popular demand)
      Kaypohchee aka SecretaryJunn Heng (to inject a lady’s perspective of things)
      Embezzler aka TreasurerPeter Choong (money, man, money!)
      Ride Scheduler aka Rides Director Yong FC the Krankster (did too good a job to be let go!)
      Bengkel aka Technical DirectorTeres Chung (round-the-clock rescue service!)
      Loudhailer aka Publicity DirectorDon Chan (mission: to get more female riders!)
      Trailfinder aka Reccee Master James Yap (needs more challenging trails to ride!)
      TrailblazersDanny Fam, Terence Hooi and Boh ‘Combo’ Chang (these are our one-leg-kick-all)


      A vote of thanks to the outgoing Committee of Y2K who had served the club selflessly and with full dedication not only in getting the core events and weekend rides going, but also in getting the newsletter out every week without fail (except for once, due to unavoidable circumstances):

      Chin WY (President)
      Kulen (Secretary)
      Yong FC (Rides Director)
      Don Chan (Technical Director)
      Boh Chang (Logistic Director)
      Peter Choong (one-leg-kick-all)

      By FC Yong @ Krankster
      Ride Scheduler

      I am back! Pangkor is still a charmer and family and I had a great time there. A little bird told me that there is an interesting trail from Pasir Bogak to Pangkor town. Who knows we may do this trail one day? Anyway back to more current matters - our weekend ride will be back at Kiara for our monthly visit there in place of the postponed HOB to Rainbow Falls. As James Yap will be skipping this, we will take the opportunity not to do Mondo Kool.

      Over the last weekend, there were 2 known unofficial reccees. (Is there such thing as an official one anyway?). First was a visit back to the 'U' Sisters at Kg Subang. Well the trail is still there but Peter and myself were trying to find a route from Punchak Alam to Bukit Jelutong. We found many trails
      but none of them led us anywhere near Bukit Jelutong Estates. Anyway we will try again. Check out Peter’s story below.

      The next one was by James, Teres and Danny who sneaked a reccee of the Bukit Lanjan area. Heard they found a wonderful technical trail there. Tarmac climb up to the telco tower and then off road technical downhill blast. James calls this a fun ride. But only if you know what fun means to James. Anyway look out for this ride coming to you real soon.

      Weekend Ride
      For this weekend, we are back to our favourite city trail (for some….).

      Ride program: November Kiara Bliss
      Date: Sunday, 12 November 2000
      Time: 07:30 AM
      Venue: Devi's Corner, Sri Hartamas
      Estimated distance: 15KM plus
      Ride time: 2-3 hours
      For more information on this ride check it out @ PCC ClubMTB ride schedule

      Upcoming Rides
      Here are the upcoming rides that we have planned for rest of  year 2000.
      Mark your calendars now and see u all on a PCC ride soon.

      Sunday, 19 November - Sg Pusu alternate ride
      Sunday, 26 November- Batu Arang
      Sunday, 3rd December 2000 - TBA
      Sunday, 10 December 2000 - DJ Penchala
      Sunday, 17 December 2000 - New Presidential Ride
      No rides planned for 24th and 31st December.

      In The Works ! :-
      -Y2K1 ride calendar
      - IronHeart Part 2 - scheduled for February 2001,  recceeing in December 2000 !


      Postponed !!!!!!
      November 10-13: PCC Holiday-on-Bikes  – Sg Lembing – The East Coast is beginning to face the wrath of the monsoons. As it’s meant to be a pleasure and not a torture, we would rather postpone the event. So watch out for new date TBA!

      Completed !!!!!!
      October 22: PCC King of Mountains # 3 – Genting Highlands
      31 August-3 September: PCC InterState 2000 – KL-Gua Musang
      2-4 June: PCC King of Mountains # 2 – Cameron Highlands
      29April-1 May: PCC Holiday-on-Bike – Cameron-Gua Musang Epic Adventure
      22-23 January: Peugeot Cycles King of Mountains # 1- Fraser’s Hill*

      *Appreciation: Staged under the auspices of the now defunct Peugeot Cycling Club.

      Check out schedule of Y2K1 highlights below!


      Cycling is fun, especially if you do it with PCC! Events to look forward to……

      MonthEventEvent Managers
      FebruaryIronHeart Part 2 Yong FCGet ready to run and crank for your life!
      MarchKOM 1- Bukit TinggiEdward Kee/Don ChanThe torture goes on…..
      March endPCC Annual Dinnerhere are times we need to do without our bikes…..
      AprilHOB 1 Sg LembingChin WYTime to take out those tents and sleeping bags….
      JuneKOM 2/KOD Simpang Pulai-Kg Raja, 
      Cameron Highlands
      Chin WYFor once, you get to ride down the hill you climbed, off-road!
      August:PCC InterState 2001AlauddinTaking cue from some participants of InterState 2000, this time we may end up at a seaside resort!
      OctoberHOB 2 Janda Baik-Kenaboi James YapWhole day fun, extendable to overnight do!
      NovemberKOM 3revisiting Genting???

      By Boh Chang aka Combo

      PCC Pedal Odometer
      Target: 2,000pk
      Registered: 1,677pk
      % Achievement: 84%

      Alarm’s ringing! Catch up time! Anyone keen on doing a century (imperial preferably!) before year’s out?!


      In Search of More Beautiful Sisters
      By Peter Choong

      Date: Saturday 4 November 2000
      Trail: Beautiful Sisters, Kg Subang (formerly known as Ugly Sisters)
      Distance: 17km +/-
      Time taken: 8.30-10.30am
      Difficulty: Trying to keep up with Yong!
      Fun: Capturing Yong (rearview mostly!) on video.

      It’s funny how once you become a cycling junkie, things can feel so ‘incomplete’ if you had to miss a weekend ride. Having to attend my son’s kindergarten concert on Sunday would mean missing out on PCC’s ride with the Klang MTB group. Same scenario with Yong who was taking his family to Pangkor on Sunday. So, desperate to avoid a no-cycling week, Yong plotted to reccee the Sisters on Saturday. And I was a most willing accomplice. James too but unfortunately he had car trouble. Brilliant idea flashed through immediately – why not ride to the meeting point? After all, what’s 25km to James? But the early morning downpour put paid to this noble idea. So it was down to just the 2 of us. No one else showed up, understandably……… .

      Fortunately by 7.30, the rain had dwindled to light drizzle. One phone call to Yong confirmed that the reccee was still on. It barely rained in Kelana Jaya and didn’t rain at all in Kg Subang. We took our own sweet time and didn’t take off until almost 8.30.

      Somehow the Beautiful Sisters seem to have a hold over Yong, he being instrumental in their discovery. So it wasn’t at all surprising when he suggested mucking around to see if we could find more of these beautiful sisters. As it is, the trail starts from Elmina Estate and ends at the Puncak Alam construction site. He was convinced we could push all the way through to Bukit Jelutong. So we headed straight for the construction site by road instead of riding through the Elmina estate. You’d be amazed by the rate of construction taking place. Structures of buildings are already up. There are also clusters of temporary dwellings for the workers. Plenty more trees on the slopes have been cut.

      After a brief search, we found the descent to the Sisters’ trailend. But a quick survey indicated that no extension could possibly be found here. We backtracked up to the construction site and headed for a trail which we sighted earlier behind the workers’ dwellings. It looked pretty promising as we blasted down the abandoned logging track. But then a short distance before a steep ascent, the trail became a river of ruts and gullies, somewhat like a miniature Grand Canyon! It was impossible to ride, even in dry conditions. Can’t imagine what the place is like if it rains! Fortunately it was only a short stretch to push and we soon came upon a T-junction, one heading up and the other down. No prize for guessing which one we took.

      Skidding our tyres on pretty loose surface, we blasted down to an abandoned log pond where the trail kind of disappeared. Mucking around the bushes to see if there was any trail only got us some rustling sounds from Mr. Porky. Its paw marks could be seen round a mud pool. No choice, we backed up to the T-junction and began the long hard ride up the other wing. But it was taking us back in the direction of the Puncak Alam site. Infact we could see it in the distance below us. But there was another trail on the right which we took without hesitation. Had a delightful time, again, skidding down some of the descents before the trail turned upwards. At one point we even had to crawl under a fallen tree with our bikes. But unfortunately, it led us to a dead end. Trail was probably reclaimed by Mother Nature. We had a good view of Puncak Alam far down below us before turning back.

      Consolation is we found another trail that would enable us to bypass the construction site and cut short the road stretch. Indeed, you would have an exciting descent right down to the road side. But we ain’t sure if any one of you would be interested, unless you are game for some hard pushing. But it would certainly add mileage to the Beautiful Sisters trail and make it all the more challenging, not that 2 broken collarbones, 2 broken teeth and 4 stitches ain’t challenging enough, if you recall!

      Inter-Club Ride with Klang MTB Group
      By Boh ‘Combo’ Chang

      Date: Sunday 5 November 2000
      Venue: Meru Estate, Klang
      Time taken: 7.50 – 10.30am

      Woke up very early this morning (5.30 a.m.). Left Kepong via Subang/Batu Tiga around 6.40 a.m,
      just to make sure I’d be on time at Klang Parade, because Peter and Yong wouldn’t be around today. We were supposed to meet at the Esso Station opposite Klang Parade at 7.30 a.m. Among the early
      arrivals were Alauddin and the Klang group who just appeared one by one from nowhere. Soon our own PCC faithfuls dropped in (only 6). Apart from me and Alauddin, the rest were Kulen, Victor, Edward and ‘Canondale’ Lau.

      We left Esso at 7.50 after some futile waiting, just in case more of our guys might turn up. I was to learn later that a number of our usual ‘kakis’ decided to do a reccee of Bukit Lanjan instead! We headed towards Meru on-road for about 5km. Then we turned left off-road towards the oil palm estate (can’t remember the name) led by the ‘young guns’ from Klang (about 10 – 15 of them). We started to ascend the first hill – pedalled and pushed (a short and technical climb).

      Soon we were on a familiar trail. “Hey, Alauddin, part of our Presidential Trail, man!” After a
      cool run around the trail, we realised that we had lost the first group. Only 6 of us left (3 from Klang
      and 3 from PCC i.e. me, Alauddin and Victor). Anyway, no problem ‘cause we only had to follow the
      ‘masters’ of the trail – hey, I’ve forgotten about the best tricky down hill of the trail. As usual, with roots, rocks, sudden drops and short, left, right turns. I could see some riders slipping and tumbling coming down (this was the earlier part).

      Soon the 6 of us decided to wait for the rest on top of a short climb. Ten minutes passed, finally one
      by one, they appeared puffing up the hill. How nice to see Kulen and Lau appear amongst the group.
      Downhill again man! As usual, Edward was amongst the first group. Sure it is – what goes up must come down. Pedalled and pushed, we pushed up another hill. Yes, a chance to rest at the top while waiting for a very young rider from the Klang group (should be a rookie).

      “Are you guys game enough for the ‘Genting of Klang’?” This question propped up from the ‘chief’ of the Klang group. “No lah! Very hot man, next time lah!”. So, the next best thing was, (you guessed it) head downhill for home. Long downhill again, with sudden turns and soft sand along the way. As always, heading back is always a rush. Soon we were back on the road heading back to our car encountering one or two roadblocks. By 10.30 a.m, everyone was back and satisfied. We thanked our Klang hosts for their kind gesture and hoped they would one day join our rides.

      Well, that’s all for now, buddies. See you guys next week and keep upu the ‘PCC Spirit’ alright.

      By WY Chin

      Date: Sunday 5 November 2000
      Route: Kuantan / Sungai Lembing

      We had a small group today.  Unfortunately, two aborted due to technical reasons.  That left us with 3 half and two full bicycles (tandems) at the starting line.  Kit was supposed to be Tham’s rear gunner today, overslept and had to play catch up.

      We expected him to cycle, but instead he took his van and overtook us and hid his van at the shops at Yue Hong Housing estate.  Quietly, he sneaked up on us and managed to catch us just outside Panching.

      Tham’s new rear gunner was a real beginner and poor Tham had some really hard cranking to do for today. Not only had he to paddle the bicycle, he had to paddle the gunner’s legs too!!  By the time they caught up with us at Panching for our psychological coffee break – they were quite poofed!

      Learning from our Interstate experience, the new cyclists were given a 20-minute lead time.  You bet the kids cranked like mad all the way just to make sure they were in front.

      It is a short 19 km to Sg Lembing and the lead time meant hard cranking for us too.  We finally caught a glimpse of their behinds just past the sawmill some 2 km from Sg Lembing.  By the time they knew we were hot on their heels, a chase became inevitable. It was only just at the last 100 meters when we finally overtook the lead cyclist and made it.

      The reward from today ride was excellent food from the Sunday market.

      By now the very thick morning mist has cleared and the road was getting a bit hot. It was about turn and again a 30-minute lead time was allowed for the kids.

      The two of us had to balance between catching up or conserving energy for the final blast into town with Tham & Kit.

      Managed to get in 5 minutes ahead of the kids and some 20 minutes for the rest.  That was the easy part.  Had another R & R at the coffee shop – not our regular shop… their off day too.

      Final  run was to Kuantan – the route I dread most as it involves a very long steep climb.  Though Kit had hang-over from the previous night-outing, their combined power was unequalled. Even with Chong standing up to pedal with her total body weight it was not enough to generate sufficient steam.  Both of us were practically left standing on the slopes as they breezed pass us half way up hill.  It was no giving up now and a very hard chase was attempted to close the gap.  Just 200 yards before the traffic lights, both my quads started to show signs of fatigue – a sign that cramps were just round the corner due to the over cranking uphill.. Fortunately, it was also the finish line….  I guess it’s back to the drawing board for me …  weekday training to build up the much urgently required quads ….

      By Paul (Tandoori Knees) Campbell.

      Ride Name: "Tandoori Knees" (First it was in 1999 called "Al's birthday ride", but that was dropped, when he never showed up. Then it was called "Under the Power Lines" because of where we started)
      Distance: 32.5 Km (potentially a 100-km ride if we go all the way round)
      Saddle time: 2 hours 25 minutes
      Elapsed Time: 3 hours 30 minutes
      Riders: Peet, Andy, Gregor, Talat and Paul
      Endurance: depending on what you make of it.  A fast track, so any level was possible
      Technical: 3
      Highlights:  Afternoon tea and roti, Tandoori knees and return in the dark.

      We met at the obscure high tension line pylon somewhere to the right of Al Dhaid.  Amazingly all bicycles were in operating condition (at the start) so we were off quite quickly.  This allows for the fact that Andy and Pete were 45 minutes late to the meeting point at the Eppco station because Andy had trashed his front forks the week before with some high dives and was trying to fix them and then 'lost' his high end mobile phone.

      We started off along some good 4x4 track that degenerated into the best single track that I have seen for a while.  It was about 300mm wide (OK, a foot) and you could actually see it!  Pete, Andy and Gregor went off like scalded rabbits and Talat and I lost them for a while.  We sent out a search party and eventually caught up with them.  I was so overjoyed at finding "our fearless leaders" that I was not watching where I was going along this wonderful single track.  Coming slowly down an easy sloping side of the hill, I rode onto a 300mm drop going too slowly.  So instead of  speeding up,
      I decided to slow down more and hit the FRONT brakes at the lip.  I went gracefully over the handlebars and landed on knees and hands - in that order - on the sharp gravel.  Not much blood (then), but plenty of embarrassment.  Who in their right mind uses their FRONT brake any  time?

      Anyway.  On through more great single track and into some waddies with solid bottoms or only very short distances of soft gravel.  There were some stretches of house brick sized smooth rock that was as rough as guts to ride over.  Rolling hills all the way, with a head wind that would not quit. Fortunately this was a "there and back", so we would get a tail wind on the return.

      At about the 15 Km mark, we were being shouted at by a 'farmer;' from the other side of his fence.  Thank goodness Talat was with us, because he assured us we were not being cursed for being there - he understands Urdu.The farmer just wanted to have us in for a cuppa tea!  So we went in, sat on
      his Persian carpets in his living quarters (thatched roof no walls) and were waited on.  He boiled the kettle on an open fire, dug into a galvanised iron 25 gallon drum to get out yesterdays roti and served a welcome cup of tea. We all declined his offer of milk in our tea.  When he saw my knees (which were looking good by now - the bending action keeps the blood flowing), he got out a bottle of mercurichrome and proceeded to dab it all over the place.  What, with the blood, dirt, cuts etc, it looked like chicken legs ready to go in the oven, hence "Tandoori Knees". Two days later, I still have it on.

      We rode on for another 5 Km (I only made it another 2 and Talat turned round here - we had an hour of daylight!).  Belting back in the sunset with a glorious tail wind and I got a snake bite.  This allowed the 3 trail blazers to catch up.  Another 5 Km and Gregor's driving crank came off.  Like separated from his bike.  On the ground.  Whew, I said I won't be last in, we have 12 Km to go.  He took the holding bolt from the left crank and screwed it into the right side.  He rode "slowly" back with no further incidents and with both cranks intact.  We took a short cut back (sorry Talat, there was one) which came onto a tarmac road and an easy last 3 or 4Km.  It cut off about 3 Km which was especially good, because the long way back was on single track - not good in the dark.

      The weather is FANTASTIC.  It has cooled down to 32 or better and was quite cool all the way, especially after sundown. Almost long sleeve riding. Come on out next week.  We will be riding a similar type of ride.  Watch this space.

      10. TIPS OF THE WEEK

      Hot And Cold Packs

      Therapy packs for freezer and microwave are a necessity for physically active people. Some of the uses include: pain management, inflammation, swelling, sprains, strains, insect bites, headaches and traumatic injuries.

      When using a hot or cold pack, place a towel between the pack and the skin to prevent injury to the skin. Some of the more expensive packs have user-friendly surfaces, which can be placed directly on the skin. Check the directions before applying to the skin.


      Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is one of the most important countermeasures for saving the life of victims of cardiac arrest. It is also an important part of a wellness program. Not only do you learn life-saving strategies for others, but you also are educated on the anatomy and functioning of the circulatory system, conditions for cardiac arrest, and signs and symptoms of strokes and heart attacks. Infant and child CPR is especially important for all family members involved in the care of a child.

      In recent research released by the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers reported that victims of cardiac arrest might be saved when bystanders skip mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and perform only chest compressions. This is an important finding due to the fact that many more individuals may be willing to give a bystander CPR. Often people are afraid of catching hepatitis, AIDS, or other diseases and shy away from helping the victim. For the emergency medical dispatcher giving directions in CPR to an untrained bystander, giving directions for chest compressions only may become the preferred way.


      Flexibility Exercise For The Achilles Tendon

      The Achilles tendon is named after the Greek warrior, Achilles. He died from a wound to his heel, the only part of his body that had not been dipped in Styx, the legendary river of immortality. This tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. It is just below the skin at the back of the ankle and looks and feels hard like a bone. As the muscle of the lower leg shortens, the tendon moves to point the foot downward. This allows running, jumping, walking, and going up and down stairs.

      To prevent injury to this tendon, it is important to perform flexibility exercises. The following exercise fits this purpose: Sit with left leg extended. Bend the right leg resting the right foot against the inner thigh of the left leg. Loop a towel around the left foot and flex the foot as far back as you can. For six seconds, try to push the ball of your foot toward the floor while resisting with the towel. Release and pull the foot gently toward the body. Switch legs and repeat exercise on other leg. Gradually increase the seconds of resistance up to 20 seconds.

      11. POTPOURRI

      Word on College Students
      Extracted from somewhere by Peter Choong

      “How were the exam questions?”
      “They were easy, but I had trouble with the answers.”

      “I spent 5 years in college taking medicine.”
      “So are you well now?”

      “What are you going to be when you graduate?”
      “An old man.”

      “So you flunked the history exam?”
      “Sure, they kept asking questions about things that happened before I was born.”

      “Can you tell me what happened on 31 August 1957?”
      “I can’t even remember what happened last night.”

      “Before we begin this final exam, are there any questions?”
      “Yes, sir, what’s the name of this course?”



      Sign up with PCC at the ClubMTB.com portal, an online resource catering for cycling clubs worldwide. The site offers online facilities for ride scheduling, trail finding, photo posting, instant messaging and discussion forum amongst registered members of the club etc. Best of all, it’s FOC. Besides doubling up as our directory of membership, the site will supplement our newsletter as an additional medium of communication. You can check out other clubs’ activities as well.

      Many of us have registered our membership with PCC at the portal and we urge all our members and regulars who have not done so, to do so asap. Just go to www.clubmtb.com and:

      1. Click “Join a Club”
      2. Click “Asia and Pacific” region
      3. Click “Malaysia”
      4. You’ll see PCC listed amongst the clubs. Click PCC.
      5. Click “Create a new member”
      6. Fill up the form and submit.

      Once you’ve registered, a sign-in name and password will be forwarded to you to access the club’s site. Welcome onboard and have fun.

      The ‘New Spokes & Nipples’ is the official newsletter of the PCC Cycling Club. Unofficially, it’s the organ by which PCC members and regulars will ‘kay poh’ amongst themselves! Target is to publish it every Wednesday but do not be surprised if you receive it only on Thursday or, worse still, Friday. After all, we got another job to tend to which unfortunately demands more priority from us………….

      We welcome articles from every body but do try to submit them to us at pcc_news@... by the morning of each Wednesday, otherwise we’ll pin the blame on you if the newsletter is delayed! And of course, like they always say, we may edit all articles submitted for publication. Just to make sure you say nice things we like to hear!

      The ‘New Spokes & Nipples’ is distributed via the eGroups.com portal. If this newsletter has come to you unsolicited and it irks you like heck, please unsubscribe through the address listed below. Otherwise, we welcome you with open arms and legs to our little circle and, most of all, we look forward to riding with you!


      Group email addresses mailto:pcc_news@...
      Subscribe  mailto:pcc_newsletter-subscribe@egroups.com
      Unsubscribe mailto:pcc_newsletter-unsubscribe@egroups.com

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