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New Spokes & Nipples 18-8-2001

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    [NEW SPOKES NIPPLES] Wednesday, 28th February 2001 Issue No: 18-08-2001 Official Newsletter of PCC CYCLING CLUB Your Perfect Cycling
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       Wednesday, 28th February 2001                                                                   Issue No: 18-08-2001
      Official Newsletter of PCC CYCLING CLUB                      Your Perfect Cycling Companions
      3. KIARA GP 2001 
      5. PCC INTERSTATE 2001

      By Peter Choong
       Pedalphelia. Ever wondered what an indiscretion of this nature could do to you? Or how widespread it is within the PCC circle? Care to hazard a guess? Don’t bother, really. Symptoms of an acute affliction is everywhere. Otherwise how else could you explain 2 PCC pedalphiles at the spur of a moment deciding to drive at 5.00am for more than 200km to Camerons and torturing themselves for the next 12 hours in the name of an ‘epic’ ride. One more wanted to do the same, only hitch was he was 30 minutes too late and ended up driving 400km for nothing! Or to what would you attribute the fact that another pedalphile spent more than 2 big ones on a new frame and fork without hesitation whilst the bumper on his car remains as smashed up for as long as I can remember? Of course nothing beats that PCC hardcore who spent 6 big ones on laser eye surgery just so that he can wear flashy sunglasses that his fellow afflictees don on every ride……

      By the way, there’s been some changes to PCC’s calendar of events. By popular demand, HOB 1 has been brought forward to March in the form of a ride at the famous Jim Thompson trail ala PCC style – Chin Tongsan Lide. Check out the details below. And while you are at that, don’t forget to read James’ account of his ride there last Sunday to get a sneak preview of what to expect. IronHeart Part 2 will now take place in mid April, one final reccee still to be done. Also for HOB 2, we’ll be going back to the original plan to check out the waterfall plus a visit to the world’s oldest underground tin mine.

      This Sunday, James’ gonna lead us for another bliss at Kiara. Let’s do it before the trail or parts of it are gone for good. If improving your biking skills is what you want, there’s no better place than Kiara. Come ride with PCC – your Perfect Cycling Companions.


                by FC Yong @Krankster



      Fellow riders,
      This weekend I will be away in the US for business. I will be back only on 10th March. I hope to still compete at the Kiara GP on 11th March. Chances are that the results will not be too great. So for this week, James the Teruk one will show u some of his stuff (I mean MTB skills) at our all time favorite playground and soon to be condo infested Kiara. Here are the details :

      Weekend Ride
      Ride Program: Kiara Bliss
      Date: Sunday, 4th March 2001
      Meeting place: Devi's corner at Desa Hartamas
      Meeting time: 7:30 AM
      Distance: 15KM or so depending on route chosen by the Teruk
      Ride duration: 2 to 2.5 hours

      Upcoming Rides
      Mark your calendars now and see u all on a PCC ride soon.

      Mar 11 SundayKing of Kiara GP 2001 – Stage 2
      Mar 18 SundayBatu Arang revisited (or any suggestion?)
      Mar 24 & 25 Sat/ SundayHOB 1: Chin Tongsan Lide at Pos Mensun, Camerons

      Trail Maintenance Project
      Some of our favourite trails are in dire need of maintenance. We also need to reccee them more often so that we can open up more ride options as well. To start with, some of the trails that need immediate attention are:

      1La Gong to FRIM or vice versa
      2Sg Long
      3Connecting Ugly Sisters with Puncak Alam and onwards to Bukit Jelutong
      4The new Presidential Ride from Janda Baik to Kenaboi to Tohor Falls.

      The plan is to have a group of 4-6 or so members to set maintenance rides once a month on a Saturday morning or late afternoon preferably on the first Saturday of every month. If you like to join this team, please send me an email at fmkyfc@...

      Next Maintenance Ride: La Gong new trail
      Date: Saturday, 24 March 2001

      See you this weekend at Commonwealth Park.

      3. KIARA GP 2001  By Yong FC @ Krankster
       The second stage Kiara GP will be happening on 11 March 2001. It may be your last chance to ride the complete loop! Construction works getting precariously close to our trail as each day passes. Entry forms and further details of the GP can be obtained from

      For the second leg, we are in dire need of more volunteers as marshals. If you like to volunteer, please send me an email to confirm. We also welcome any comments that you may have to improve the overall running of this event.

      Please ping me an email at fmkyfc@... or call me at 012-2259910 if you are keen to be a GP Volunteer!

      4. HOB 1: CHIN TONGSAN LIDE by James Trailfinder Yap
       The Jim Thompson trail revisited ala PCC style. The general plan: 

      March 24 
      1. Leave KL by at 2pm. 
      2. Reach Tanah Rata by 6pm 
      3. Check into hotel. 
      4. Dinner cum briefing at 7pm. 

      March 25 
      Wake at 6.30am 
      Breakfast at 7.00am 
      Check out and depart for Habu at 7.45am 
      Reach Habu at 8.15pm 
      Regroup and leave at 8.30am 
      ETA Betam Valley: 3pm 
      Last rider out: 5pm 
      Pack up, snack at coffee shop. Leave by 6pm 
      Reach Tapah at 7pm for celebration dinner. 
      Convoy home to KL. 

      Official regrouping points: 
      Boh Tea House for last minute makan and minum 
      Pos Mensun for lunch 
      Vegetable farm before descent into Lembah Bertam.

      5. PCC INTERSTATE 2001
        by Masterbiker Alauddin
       For the uninitiated, the PCC InterState is the highlight of our annual calendar of events. It’s a multi-day long-distance tour that we do each year in conjunction with the Merdeka Day celebrations. Participation is open to all members, fellow cyclists and friends.

      Preliminary Details

       Event Date4 days from Fri 31 August – Mon 3 September 2001
      Route:This year, the ride’s gonna take us south through 5 different states covering Wilayah, Selangor, Negri Sembilan, Pahang and Johore
      Total Distance:400km +/-
      HighlightsDifferent characteristics for each route each day. All your muscles will be challenged to the max! Butt endurance will be the name of the game!
       There will be a limit to the number of participants. First come first served. Contact either Alauddin (013 3508230) or Chin (019 9600636). We thank those who have responded to indicate their participation. Your kind gesture will help us plan things out better.

      Event Managers
      February 18
      KOM 1: Bukit Tinggi 
      March 24-25
      HOB 1: Chin Tongsan Lide at Pos Mensun, Camerons.
       James Yap/Danny Fam
      By popular demand! Whole day ride in cool mountain air. 
      March end
      PCC Annual Dinner
       Danny Fam
      Time to put those darn bikes aside and get on our feet. All ideas welcome to spruce up the event. 
      Sun 15th April
      IronHeart Part 2
      Yong FC
      Reccee still in progress. Yong wants the best for us. Looks like swimming suits/trunks are required after all!
      HOB 1: Gambang-Sg Lembing Trail – In Search of Harimau
      Chin WY
      Forget the waterfall. Uncharted trail to explore. Tiger territory! Hardcores, this one’s for you!
      KOM 2/KOD Simpang Pulai-Kg Raja, 
      Cameron Highlands
      Chin WY
      Mixture of tarred comfort and rutted fireroads. For once, you get to ride down what you climbed!
      PCC InterState 2001
      Down the coast, we will coast…… 400km! Don’t forget your swimming suits!
      HOB 2 Janda Baik-Kenaboi 
      James Yap
      If you thought Kiara was tough….. James will be all out to torture us again! Be prepared to rough it out with Mr. Porkie.
      Situation Vacant
      Let’s cap the year’s events with another ride up Genting Highlands for delicious coffee at Coffee Bean!
      Volunteers interested to help out in the events, please get in touch with the respective Event Managers.

      8. PCC PEDOMETER  By Boh Chang @ Combo
      PCC Pedal Odometer
      Target  :  2,001pk
      Registered  : 0375pk
      Achievement  :   18.7%

       For the uninitiated, this is a night ride organised by the Peloton2k cycling group. It’s held at 7.30pm every Tuesday and Thursday night. Meeting place is that open-air carpark opposite the IOI Mall off the LDP. PCC pedalphiles are making use of the Thursday rides to build up stamina and endurance for their weekend off-road adventures. 

      We gave the ride a miss last Thursday due to a myriad of reasons. Probably, we were still smarting from the last 2km ride at Bukit Tinggi the Sunday before. Or just plain lazy………. .

       Lagong Lung Buster
      Date: Sunday 25 February 2001
      Venue: Lagong
      Distance: 20km (including 8km road stretch)
      Time taken: 8.30am – 11.30am 
      Difficulty: First 5km!
      Fun: Last 5km!

      By Peter Choong

      Miscommunication had the KSH Bikes riders waiting at the Commonwealth Park at a time when most PCC riders were still snoozing in bed. Danny had erroneously informed Leong that the ride would start at 7.30am instead of 9.00am!

      But a picnic it wasn’t going to be. My family wasn’t coming as the kids had to attend Taekwondo class which they already skipped last week because of KOM1. Danny was going up to Cameron with James to check out the Jim Thompson trail. So his family would have to be counted out. Yong too decided to come solo and the early morning rain would have put off any other riders who had planned on showing up with families.

      The KSH riders were out in full force. Some 15 of them were at the carpark when I got there well after 8.15am. From PCC, I could only see Krankster Yong and Victor. Teres and Kenny decided to wait at the trailhead instead. This must go down as one ride with the smallest turnout of PCC pedalphiles. 

      As Yong had to stay back to wait for Speedo of Alive Group, Victor and I took off first with the restless KSH riders for the 8km-road ride to the trailhead. Just as soon as we got there, Teres led us into his playground. Now very familiar with what the first 5km of the trail had to offer, Kenny and I conspired to play sweeper so that the KSH riders wouldn’t see us pushing. 

      The first river crossing barely a kilometre into the trail gave everybody wet shoes, even if you managed to ride your bike through. It was deep enough to do so. After that it was goodbye to clean shoes. The trail not only turned sharply upwards after that, it was filled with rotting leaves that well and truly sapped your energy. As if this wasn’t tough enough, you had to contend first with deep ruts and gullies running along the trail carved out by 4WDs or motocross bikes and then rocks and boulders with slimy green moss. Only consolation was the last one km or so leading to that T-junction wasn’t half as muddy as 3 weeks ago when we did the reccee. At that time, a tractor had churned that part of the trail into a river of loose earth and mud which clung to our tyres like leeches, rendering them totally immobile and weighing a tonne to carry!

      The first pit stop (or Checkpoint 1 as Yong preferred to call it) was at the T-junction, that is if we don’t count the numerous stops that many of us made before we got there. Some riders had fallen victim to the bloody bloodsuckers already. We were supposed to wait for Yong and Speedo here but seeing the ‘rate of progress’ we were making, we decided to push ahead after a not too brief rest. Fit buggers like Krankster and Speedo (;o) the names say it all) shouldn’t have any problem catching up.

      Frankly, things became more interesting from this point on. No doubt we were still climbing, but the gradients were kinder and most important, rideable! Near the top at some 400m above sea level, we found ourselves riding along a narrow ledge with a deep ravine to our right. Trees tower above us on the slope to the left. Hidden by the long grass were quite a number of ruts and holes so one had to be careful lest you fancy a quick dive into the ravine. Like all morning, the sky was still overcast so sunblock wasn’t really necessary. Also we had the trees to give us more shade.

      At the plateau, mudholes were aplenty. At one, I stalled midway and landed one leg almost knee-deep in goo! Thank goodness I had managed to unclip in time. Otherwise I couldn’t imagine how it’d be like to go down together with the bike. At another, we had to rescue a baby owl somehow stranded in the mud. We tried putting it up on a branch but it fell off. In the end, we just left it amongst the bushes for its safety.

      The descent was wonderful. It made the initial 5km of pain all worthwhile! Never can one derive so much fun first bouncing down the rockfilled stretches and then switching from left to right and right to left to pick the correct line down the gully-filled trail. Drooping branches and leaves slapped you like nobody’s business as you clung to the sides to avoid the deep ruts and gullies. Many an occasion, one had to ram over branches and small logs praying hard at the same time that you wouldn’t endo. And frequently having to duck to clear overhanging branches. Unusual it may sound but Teres wasn’t stooping low enough on one such occasion and added another crack to his already very disfigured helmet.

      The nice thing about riding here is you get a nice stream to wash away all the mud and goo that would have gathered all over you and your bike at the end of the trail. From the look on their faces, it would appear that the KSH riders had a great time, the initial hard climb notwithstanding. For me, I collected another 2 more love bites from the leeches to add to the many that have not even healed. But that’s part of mountain biking and I’m not complaining. 


                   By Chin WY @ Tyrant
       Route: Sungai Lembing 

      It was supposed to be an off-road today – but nursing my damaged RD has taken a bit longer than expected.  Fortunate for me, I had an end-drop alignment tool at hand to put every thing back to normal again.  I guess it is expiry time for my Sach Quartz group set and to convert my bicycle back to Shimano again.

      Having been off our full bicycles for two weeks – it is a new experience again steering a full bicycle.  A smoother pedalling and much heavier string are noticeable. It is the reverse when I switch back to my half bicycle every Thursday.

      Tham and Kit are on their half bicycle and both have been off cycling since CNY.  You bet everyone complains about nothing but putting on the extra Kgs we have accumulated since we stopped kranking. 

      Just as we were down Yue Hong slope, we caught up Zahar leading some kids on route to Panching / Airport.  We kept each other company until the Panching Junction when we parted ways. 

      Panching town is still our psychological stopping point for caffeine reloading.  Also serves as catching up stop for those that have been off-form.  Tham’s successful training to reduce his stomachs muscle sets from 6 to 1 over very large over hanging bulge means last to come in. 

      Climbing the big-dipper just after the sawmill has always been our greatest fear as accurate change of gears are necessary or we will be stuck mid-hill on wrong gears and be left on a standstill!!  Fortunate for us, we cleared this section without too much difficulty but the STI were stuck after that and we were only left with one mid chain ring for the rest of the day. That means extra repair work for myself when I get home!

      The home run is always my breaking point on this route – that’s were I get cramps … only on this route… 

      One slipped timing chain was sufficient to spark off the cramps where I had to decide on steering the bicycle to a stop and to overcome a leg cramp! After that it was a struggle for myself especially up the last hills into town.  It was a struggle!!!

      Cramps means – too much rest and not enough exercise.  A one-day off from last Thursday ride is a good enough reminder.  So back to routine training …. 

      Next Sunday – off road???

      11.KRANKY WEEKEND IN DUBAI by Paul Campbell
       What a Ride!
      Route: Wadi Assimah and Wadi Tayyibah there and back 
      Distance: 67 Km (33.5 each way) for most of us.  2 rode longer and one shorter, see below 
      Elapsed time: 1100 to 1730 - 6 and a half hours 
      Ride time: 4 hours 
      Average speed: 15 KPH (not bad considering the gravel)
      Top speed: 40 to 50 amongst the group
      Riders: Peet, Andy, Adrian, Gregor, Nabeel and Paul.  This was Nabeel’s 2nd ride.  First time on Gravel!

      For all of you who missed out on Friday the 23rd Feb’s ride, you missed a wonderful event.  We had all the experiences we have come to know and love while mountain biking in the Emirates.  Fantastic mountainous views, gravel, rocks, gravel, slippery pools, gravel, quaint villages carved out of the rock, gravel and this time no blood.  Well, not much anyway.

      We started from the usual Eppco service station a bit earlier than usual at 0900 so we had plenty of time to complete the ride in the daylight.  Hmmm, why are we so considerate?  We had a support vehicle (thanks again Dawn) who followed us all the way.  When we entered the first little village there was several boys on small bikes racing round in circles and doing fancy wheelies etc.  They saw us coming and turned to meet us and we thought “isn’t that nice?”  We changed our tune when they started darting in front of us trying to knock us off by swerving into our front wheels.  I can’t say our superior riding saved us.  We were bigger than them and I decided to ride straight into one.  They did not think that was fun any more.  We cleared the village with no further problems.

      The track to Wadi Assimah is a solid 4x4.  Andy and Pete were waiting at the turn off in the shade of a large tree.  The turn off is marked with a huge red arrow about a meter high.  Adrian and Gregor missed the turn, did not see Andy and Pete waving at them or shouting and rode on.  Nabeel and I came in at a leisurely pace and Dawn followed in the Prado.  Andy had taken off after the other 2.  He came back and said they were blasting away, head down and going for it and he could only get to within 200 M of them and not get their attention.  I took off after them in the Prado and caught up after 2 Km. They declined a lift back and rode their bikes.  They added 4 Km to the overall ride with this side trip.

      Wadi Assimah is one of the great mixed water-gravel-rock rides.  In the first few Km you get into the pools and running water.  Then gravel, gravel and more gravel.  Nabeel asked Gregor to test his bike, because he was having so much trouble.  His tires were 1.95 inches, inflated to about 100 PSI and they were mud tires with small pointy knobs and large bare smooth patches.  In other words, he sank in and had no traction!!  He did much better after deflating his tires to about 25-30 PSI.

      We gathered at the village at the end of Wadi Assimah just in time for the end of Friday Prayers and onto the tarmac section for the 5 or so Km. At the Junction we had completed 20 Km. Then down into Wadi Tayyibah.  For those who have not been, this is a great 7 Km down hill ride of modest treachery.  The old tarmac road has been washed out more and there was one place we wondered if Dawn could get the Prado down through.  No problems for car, driver or riders.  The changes to Wadi Tayyibah have made it a little more exciting for this who enjoy leaping from boulder to boulder, over slippery rocks and water channels.  We rode into the service station on the main road for rest and refreshment.

      What can I say about the ride back?  I did not attempt the up hill ride through Tayyibah, which cut off about 6 Km from my ride.  We grunted and ground our way through the gravel o Wadi Assimah.  The only mishaps were a small tumble by Nabeel onto the inevitably sharpest rock close by and he had a graze on his knee.  Gregor broke his chain and with his wonder tool did running repairs which got him through the rest of the trip.

      When we got close to the Assimah village with the troop of small boys buzzing around us like bees, we formed into 2 rows of 3 abreast and blasted through!!  They stayed well away from this old Egyptian Charioteers trick of support.  The only thing we did not have was slashing knives rotating from our wheels.  They followed us to our parked cars and were very curious of our bikes and respectful, as we had mistakenly expected on the way out.

      A great ride and excellent training for the 75 Km Wadi Bih ride next week. The names of the people are real.  The events are true and this note does represent real incidents in the lives of these people.  The author does not impose his copyright rights on this work!

              by James Trailfinder Yap
       James’ account of his ‘epic’ adventure in high country with Danny. Chang could have been a part of the story too if only he hadn’t shown up half an hour late at the start line.

      Trail: Jim Thompson’s Loop, Cameron Highlands.
      Distance: 45 km.
      Time: 6 hrs, 4.5hrs riding.
      Average speed: 10 kp/h.
      Temperature: 20C to 40C.
      Weather: Cool and shady to dry open grill.
      Difficulty: Makes Eco challenge a piece of cake.
      Fun Factor: Riding downhill, obviously.

      4.30 am.
      The lack of sleep is no way to start an epic ride. But we wake up anyway. Packed our bikes and gear. We leave KL at 15 past 5 in complete darkness.

      7.00 am.
      Arrived at Tapah rest area. Had breakfast. Ordered a big bowl of Wantan Mee. Filled up camelback with two tins of 100+. After telling Danny that it could be hot and dry just like Camerons-Gua Musang, he did the same. After overdrinking and overeating, we left at 7.45am.

      Arrive at Habu, 2 kms after Ringlet. Parked our vehicle by a large grassy field at turnoff  to Boh Tea estate. Boy, it’s cold. Brrr. Dashed right across the street to take a leak. Dashed back. More people arrive. Trucks, vans, cars. Penang Plates, W, B and S - all the way from Singapore. The crowd grew and soon there were roughly 50 of us, or even more. Bikes of all makes and colours dotted the grassy field. Danny and I were eating again, fuelling up with a bunch of bananas.

      We sat by a bus stop opposite the field. Checked out the bikes, lady riders as an afterthought. To our right, leaning against the benches were a tangle of bikes. We noticed that 5 of them were Santa Cruz Superlights. Must have been at least 50 grand worth of bike in front of us. Danny and I had to roll our tongues back in as we checked out more exotica. Klein Mantras, Cannondale Jeckyl, Outlands and more of which names we could not pronounce.

      9.30 am.
      Leave Habu to Boh Tea Estate. 3 kilometres by milestone but about 6 kilometres in fact. In enthusiasm, we shot off. The ‘gradual’ climb towards Boh Tea House left us sweating and puffing. I was strange feeling that way in the Cool Cameron’s air.

      Breaking the monotony was when this mat salleh girl comes whizzing by. Danny leaves me to chase after. A few bends later, I catch up with Danny, who I presume couldn’t keep up. Hee hee. We decided to take it easy and enjoy the refreshing view the green carpet tea plantation.

      Eventually, we reached the Tea House for a regrouped. Stopped to have tea at the cafeteria. Ta Pao some fruitcake, quite befitting of us two nuts. Leaving Boh at around 10.15am, we decided that it was a good time to switch on the walkies, courtesy of Peter.

      Soon we were enjoying swinging left and right riding down the tea plantation. Things got a bit exciting when Danny nearly lost his rear wheel at a very very sharp turn. About 15 minutes later, we hit terra firma. That was when all hell really broke loose. Young ones (immortal) on dual suspension bikes double their size flew down the technical, rutted, muddy, sandy and boulder-strewn descents. Quite hairy for Danny and me. But like real mountainbikers (can’t loose face), we slowly pick our way down the obstacles with supreme brake control, weight transfer and quick manoeuvring – all without dabbing or falling. Fuhh!

      The terrain levelled out gradually. There were some nice stretches with occasional ruts, mud and holes. But nothing seemed too difficult. Grinding our way through didn’t seem quite a chore as it was shady.

      From then on, it was another descent to the first orang asli kampung. Occasionally we encountered Land Rovers with a bed full of Durians coming the opposite direction.

      11.15 pm.
      Among the first groups to arrive. Everyone was generally in a happy mood, despite the many bloody elbows, ankles, shins and egos that we saw. Over the walkie, we heard that a lady took a spill and cut her knees real deep. Volunteer medic IceCube rode back uphill to render aid. Claiming that he could stitch it up. Fortunately (for the girl), a support dirtbike gets to her first and IceCube turns back. The hoo-hah caused a delay and forced us to have our lunch break there. Danny and I head down to the stream to wash up and cool down. We leave the kampung at 12.15pm.

      Terrain rolls up and down. The heat told us that we were probably in the lowlands. Sun started blazing. More and more canopy cover disappears. As we passed another kampung we were greeted by ‘payback time’. From there on it was a 7 km climb up to Bertam Valley. If any of you have been on the Camerons-Gua Musang ride, then double the gradient, triple the ruts, quadruple the sweat and multiply the pain a million times over. A terrain like that made it impossible for anyone to cycle. You could say, we discovered a new sport that day: MountainHiking. Thankfully, unlike Gua Musang, we had sufficient patches of shade along the trail where we could rest, drink, eat and bitch about the trail.

      While grinding uphill, cramps struck without warning. I thought that I was the only person suffering from it. But Danny, a few Singaporeans and Penangites are suffering the same as well. One chap slipped and fell on a slippery uphill. He lied there with shoes still clipped in, speechless, perhaps too much in agony to speak. We laughed. We then took the opportunity to do a water check. No wonder I was cramping. I wasn’t drinking enough. There was still 2 litres left out of 3 litres. Earlier, I was very cautious about water consumption and drank as little as possible. But now have to taruh maximum.

      We hit a plateau with kinder uphill gradients. Unfortunately, our cramps keep us at a snail’s pace. The plateau marked the entrance of a vegetable farm, or in other words – civilisation! Hooray. But things were tricky as there were many turnoffs. Not wanting to get lost, I waited for one of the Penangite who was familiar with the trail. Together, we caught up with Danny while he was resting. Soon more bikers join our convoy.

      The cramps receded as I was steadily took sips and ate the fruitcake and a Powerbar. The plateau turned to a swift flowing downhill. We were riding fast, all excited to get out. Unfortunately, a 4x4 in the way slowed our descent. Not wanting to breathe the diesel and dust, we overtook and soon found ourselves at the trail’s end where our transport truck awaited us.

      We loaded the bikes, took ourselves cans of ice cold soft drinks and downed it in an instant. After a few minutes, out came Farizul. He didn’t feel like waiting and decided to carry on with a 15 k road ride back to Ringlet. I don’t have a clue as to why Danny and I unloaded the bikes from the truck and
      proceeded to ride with Farizul.

      We passed through many farms which reeked of fertiliser. At one point I contemplated just lying under the sprinkler, hoping to pass out and to complete the rest of the journey in an ambulance. But then, I remembered the fertiliser.

      By the 8th km, we were in  Lembah Bertam town. Cycling past, we didn’t even stop to have a drink at the Chinese coffee shop. I guess it was a torturous day and we just wanted to get back to our vehicle soonest possible.

      There is a reason why they call the place Lembah Bertam. To exit the town, we had a short but steep 1 kilometre climb out to Ringlet. This is where Danny decided that his poor legs had enough. After much persuasion, Danny still insisted on thumbing a lift. I handed him the car keys, assuming that he would be getting back first.

      I continued in granny gear up the hill with cramps, this time in both legs. Torture I tell you. But, ah! Have come this far and I wasn’t about to give up. After some agonisingly slow miles, I finally reached the Shell Station at Ringlet. Just another 3 kilo to the car!

      Reached Habu, our starting point. Just as I was about to collapse and die, Danny appears from the support truck. Watching his stupid grin, boy, did I feel really stupid at that time. We packed and had a short makan at the stalls opposite the road. Although there was a steamboat/BBQ session at 7.00, we opted to head for KL as we didn’t have accommodation and weren’t sure if we could stay awake
      throughout the night drive home. We left for KL slightly after 5 pm. All done in half a day’s work. Phew!


      Be a PCC pedalphile. Sign up at our site on the ClubMTB.com portal, an online resource catering for cycling clubs worldwide. The site offers online facilities for ride scheduling, trail finding, photo posting, instant messaging and discussion forum amongst registered members of the club etc. Best of all, it’s FOC. Besides doubling up as our directory of membership, the site will supplement our newsletter as an additional medium of communication. You can check out other clubs’ activities as well.

      Many of us have registered our membership with PCC at the portal and we urge all our members and regulars who have not done so, to do so asap. Just go to http://www.clubmtb.com and:

      1. Click “Join a Club”
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      Once you’ve registered, a sign-in name and password will be forwarded to you to access the club’s site. Welcome onboard and have fun.

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