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New Spokes & Nipples 11-1-2001

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    [NEW SPOKES NIPPLES] Wednesday, 3rd January 2001 Issue No: 11-1-2001 Official Newsletter of PCC CYCLING CLUB Your Perfect Cycling Companions
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       Wednesday, 3rd January 2001                                                                   Issue No: 11-1-2001
      Official Newsletter of PCC CYCLING CLUB                   Your Perfect Cycling Companions

      4. KIARA GP 2001 

      1. VIEW FROM THE SADDLE   By James Yap 
         Post New Year Party Blabber.

       Merry Christmas, Selamat Hari Raya and Happy New Year to all! May it bring change for the better with all things new. A new bike, new jerseys, new shocks, gizmos, new quadriceps, new everything!

       Speaking of new things, we believe that you are aware that this new newsletter is a result of a private extension of the now defunct Peugeot Cycling Club.

       Months back, when the decision was made to preserve the club, we were faced with one dilemma. What do we name ourselves-ah?

       And so, an important committee meeting took place at McDonald’s a few months back. A few brilliant names were doodled up impromptu over Big Mac and Fries at McD’s. Ranging from “Psycho Warriors Of The Jungle” to “Flowers, Teddy Bears and Wheels” and everything stupid in between.

       There we were, creating a ruckus with more and more futile yet hilarious cracks at names (much to the dismay of the other patrons) and yet nothing seemed to fit. Until a brilliant suggestion came up. “Why not stick to our acronym ‘PCC’!” “Yeah, sounds better than Dogs On Bicycles, or
       “Sadiscycles”. (My personal favourite being ‘The Pedalphiles’). “Besides, everyone already knows us as ‘PCC’.”

       “Brilliant! Brilliant. You’re a genius, bring this man another Strawberry Sundae!”

       And so from then on, we were to be known as PCC Cycling Club. Yep, that’s what we are. And yes, I can read your mind. What the heck is PCC? Well, a few earlier suggestions were “Penat Cepat Cepat Cycling Club”, “Potato Curry Chicken”, “Peter, Chin & Chong” and the list goes on.

       Wait, before you start scrolling past this grinding to the ground article, rationalise this rationale. OK, a bit of philosophy involved.

       Not knowing is what makes cycling so darned addictive. Like not knowing if you’ll survive that 2 foot drop-off. Or not knowing if your front tyres will wash out in the 45kph turn. It’s like the thrill of making it through what you once thought would make you wet (it’s wee wee, OK. ED) between the legs. (Just ask the guys who went for New Year’s day ride to the prelude of the infamous Mondo Cool). So whether it’s “Please Cepat Cepat Cycling Club” or “Psychotic Cycling Club”, PCC is best kept a mystery.

      Like the mystery of wanting to try that suicide 90° switchback drop-off over and over again.

      Makes sense? In which case not, please refer to the title of this article.


      Venue: McDonalds, CentrePoint, Bandar Utama
      Date: Monday 8th January 2001 
      Time: 7.30pm
      Agenda: To firm up calendar of events, amongst others.

      All are welcome to share your 2 cents’ worth of opinion.

      3. WEEKEND RIDES & EVENTS by FC Yong @Krankster
       Weekend Ride
      Ride ProgramA replacement ride for the 31st December rain-out ride.
      DateSunday, 7 January 2001
      Meeting PlaceCar Park opposite Monterrez Golf Club entrance @ Kg Subang
      DirectionsFrom Shah Alam Stadium head towards Sg Buloh via trunk road pass Bukit Jelutong and onwards pass Puncak Alam estate. Drive another 2km and you will see huge sign board of the golf club on left side of road. Turn right at traffic lights to enter shoplots carpark fronting main road.
      Meeting time7:30AM sharp (For Don Chan, 7.00AM sharp)
      Ride Distance12-15km
      Ride DescriptionEstate riding and messinng around the 3 last remaining hills sandwiched between Puncak Alam and Bukit Jelutong developments. Watch out for a James Special there.

      For more information on this ride, check it out @ PCC ClubMTB.com ride schedule listing.

      Upcoming Rides
      You’ve had your fill of carbo-loading over the holidays. So it’s time now to release those energy you’ve been hoarding. Mark your calendar now and see u all on a PCC ride soon.

      Date Ride

      Jan 14 Sunday Kiara GP 2001 or Road Ride with Boon Foo
      Jan 21 Sunday Presidential Ride 2001
      Jan 28 Sunday Batu Arang
      Feb 4 Sunday Iron Heart 2001- The Return
      Feb 11 Sunday  Kg Tohor Revisited
      Feb 18 Sunday La Gong Revisiting Teres’ Playground
      Feb 25 Sunday Sg Pening Pening or Sg Sendat

      Trail Maintenance Project Team
      We noticed a dire need to maintain some of our favourite trails and also to reccee these trails more often so that we can open up more ride options as well. To start, some of the trails that need immediate attention are:
       1. La Gong to FRIM or vice versa
       2. Sg Long
       3. Connecting Ugly Sisters with Puncak Alam and onwards to Bukit Jelutong
       4. The new Presidential Trail from Janda Baik to Kenaboi to Tohor Falls.

      The plan is to have a group of 4-6 or so members to set maintenance rides once a month on a Saturday morning or late afternoon preferable on the first Saturday of every month. If you like to join this team, please send me an email at fmkyfc@...

       See you this weekend on the trails!

      4. KIARA GP 2001  By Yong FC @ Krankster

      The first Kiara GP of the new Millennium will be happening soon. Date line 14 January 2001. So bookmark your calendar and start your training now! For those who are set to participate, get your applications in early. Entry forms and further details of the GP can be obtained from www.SpokesWorldMalaysia.intranets.com

      Thank you to all those who have volunteered to help out. You will be given more details soon. For anyone else who would like to volunteer, your help is still appreciated. We need all the assistance that we can get. Those who have volunteered so far are:
      1. James Yap
      2. Pauline Lee
      3. Emri
      4. Bjorn Seng
      5. Mahathir Marzuki
      6. Hezal Ahmad

      Please ping me an email at fmkyfc@... or call me at 012-2259910 if you are keen to be a GP Volunteer !

      For those who like to participate in the race, the application form is attached for your convenience. Please fill up the form and bring it along with your participation fee on race day.

      For more details, please visit www.SpokesWorldMalaysia.intranets.com  Alternatively, contact either Adli aka IceCube at 012-2084857 adadli@... or Farizul at 019-3357888 farizul@...


      Events for PCC members to look forward to……

      Event Managers
      IronHeart Part 2 
      Yong FC
      Reccee still in progress. Yong wants the best for us. Looks like swimming suits/trunks are required after all!
      KOM 1- Bukit Tinggi
      Edward Kee/Don Chan
      It’s not as ‘tinggi’ as the name suggests! Great way to get rid of those fats that you’ll be collecting over CNY!
      March end
      PCC Annual Dinner
       Situation vacant!
      Time to put those darn bikes aside and get on our feet. All ideas welcome to spruce up the event. 
      HOB 1 Sg Lembing
      Chin WY
      Forget the waterfall. Uncharted trail to explore. Tiger territory! Hardcores, this one’s for you!
      KOM 2/KOD Simpang Pulai-Kg Raja, 
      Cameron Highlands
      Chin WY
      Mixture of tarred comfort and rutted fireroads. For once, you get to ride down what you climbed!
      PCC InterState 2001
      Down the coast, we will coast…… 400km! Don’t forget your swimming suits!
      HOB 2 Janda Baik-Kenaboi 
      James Yap
      If you thought Kiara was tough….. James will be all out to torture us again! Be prepared to rough it out with Mr. Porkie.
      Volunteers interested to help out in the events, please get in touch with the respective Event Managers.

      6. PCC PEDOMETER  By Boh Chang @ Combo
      Great news! Somebody goofed in the scorekeeping. Chin did a re-tally of last year’s pK logged and final figure is 2,098pK! Congrats, everybody.

      It’s always good to have targets in life. So for year 2001, the Committee has decided to continue the tradition of hitting a target level of pKs to keep us motivated. No scientific formula in deciding the target. It’s year 2001, so our target is……..!

      PCC Pedal Odometer
      Target  :  2,001pk
      Registered  :  0007pk
      Achievement  :   0.35%


       For the uninitiated, this is a night ride organised by the Peloton2km cycling group. It’s held at 7.30pm every Tuesday and Thursday night. Meeting place is that open-air carpark opposite the IOI Mall off the LDP. PCC riders are making use of the Thursday rides to build up stamina and endurance for their weekend off-road adventures. 

      Quite naturally, there were no takers for the Thursdays of 21st and 28th December. But we were told our Loudhailer Don had a solo run on 21st December 2000! Too bad he was alone, otherwise his effort would not have gone wasted but added to PCC’s official pK for the year……

      Who’s counting???
      By Chin WY

      For those of you who know how to count and did not spot the error…..  HA HA HHHHHAAAAA!!!! 

      A last minute attempt by some brave souls to ensure the target pK was achieved was thrown into the rain when it started to rain buckets on Thursday 21 December 2000.  A last minute call from Don as I left my office at 6.00pm proclaimed – “RAIN OR MONSOON … I will be there” but 5 minutes down the road and I was stuck in miles long traffic jam –the worst I had seen since the LDP traffic lights at Kepong broke down. 

      7.30pm and I was still at Sunway Flyover!!!  Last minute frantic calls to Don – “Harap Maaf!!!!*&*#$@#!

      7.40pm - Call from Uncle Nabil , “Sorry turning back … jam getting teruk”…. And I was still nowhere near IOI Mall.

      7.45pm - finally broke loose and got there….. but … not a soul in sight … not even tyre marks.  Not a soul turned up or sudah PCC ??

      Waited,waited, wait …  dit-dit...diiit – “Harap Maaf @#!I*.#$#”  Don, don’t tell me you FFK and turned off your phone?? 

      8.30pm - finally called it quits – turned tail and went home – braved the jams and had to fail meeting the 2000 pK quota…..

      Ok, it was supposed to be 2000pK but we were short-changed all the way…  so I found out.  Dug up all the old issues of S&N and started to count our routes.  Would be a fun exercise anyway to seeeeee how many pK I had done for the year anyway. 

      Numbers started going out of sync by mid year…. Off by almost 100 pK’s …. Does that mean we actually made it.  YESS!!!! We made it. By the time I got to December… just made it past 2000.

      A quick tally of the results shows :

      PCC KL did 788 pK off road and 1,310 pk road rides. That totals 2,098 pK.

      PCC Kuantan did 273 pK off-road and 3,101 pK road rides. That totals 3,374 pK.

      Friday… Contacted Don….. Now his turn … “Ooi Chin, where were you guys???” Did you know O’Don actually thought we left on time without him and he went chasing after us!!!! brav*!!! Will leave Don’s commentaries here:- ……..

        By Peter Choong

      Hari Raya at Kiara 
      Date: Wednesday 27th December 2000
      Venue: Bukit Kiara
      Distance: 10km+ 
      Time taken: 9.00am – 11.30am 
      Difficulty: Ending – too premature!!
      Fun: How else would it be?!

      Having missed the fun at Sg Long the previous Sunday, this ride certainly was something I looked forward too, more so when the venue was Bukit Kiara. Not expecting a big crowd, was I pleasantly surprised by the turnout made extra large by the presence of Teres’ 3 sizeable chums from Cheras who were joining us for the first time. TT Gan, who first rode with PCC at Sg Long, couldn’t wait to discover the joy of Klang Valley’s mecca for mountain biking. The ride also saw the return of Eng Lien’s baby sister, King (shouldn’t it be Queen?) whom we last saw at the Ugly Sisters trail, I think.

      The ride only pushed off at 9.00am due to miscommunication that had Jeffery (one of Teres’ chums) waiting at the TTDI point of entry instead. Fortunately, he showed up just as we were about to scoot off.

      Expecting a small turnout, James’ original plan was to do new route which should give us about 15-17km of real hot action. But ‘crowd conditions’ dictated otherwise. Still we managed to do an interesting loop of 10km plus, including that must-do downhill from Pondok-to-Pondok  which wasn’t part of the original plan. Surely DHQ Eng Lien wouldn’t have allowed its omission, especially when it’s meant to be payback for all the tough pushing that she’s always detested!

      Finally, seeing the ease with which Kenny did it, I gathered enough guts to fly through Jane’s Addiction only to eat dirt at the next descent when I skidded on those darn slippy roots. No major injury other than a deep gash on the right shin which got cut by the exposed chainring. So, always make it a point to shift up to your big ring before you attempt anything technical!

      We had just struggled what seemed like 100km up that long bloody hill to the left of the river when James said we backtrack to try another shorter route home. This guy’s gotta be kidding! We had barely done 7km but it seemed James’ lil’ brother (the real one) was going limp and Eng Lien was in a hurry to go home. How disappointing! Teres clearly hadn’t had enough. Nobody’s bike had broken down as yet and his workshop had been lying idle for quite a number of rides now…. For a fleeting moment, he contemplated taking some of us for more action via another route. But in the end, we decided to stick together. After all, it’d be fun blasting down the 100km hill we just climbed. And this was when I rammed into that *#@% tree which trunk I was fortunate enough to wrap around and avoided any injury. Can’t say the same for my bike though. The gears shifted funny after that.

      Soon we were down in the dumps outside the international school. Devi’s Corner was closed so we had our brunch at that McDonald joint instead. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Gan, Jeffery, Richard and Ah Fatt on our future rides.

      New Year at Kiara
      Date: Monday 1 January 2001
      Venue: Bukit Kiara
      Distance: 7km only 
      Time taken: 3.40-5.30pm 
      Difficulty: Trying to keep up with James!!
      Fun: Everything technical!

      The heavy drizzle on Sunday morning wouldn’t have been able to douse the fumes coming from the Krankster who was all set to reccee Puncak that fateful morning. James, Jazzy and myself sat by the kerb and watched passively as the Krankster paced up and down the 5-foot way, frequently stretching out a hand to see if the rain was abating. It might have been raindrops but I could have sworn it was tears welling up in his eyes!

      By 8.10am, the rain had not only not let up but also gotten heavier. James saved the situation and prevented a depression of manic proportion when he suggested doing a quick run at Kiara the following day. Like a daddy bribing his child, he promised to show the Krankster how to tackle that drop-off which has always had the Krankster eating dirt. So we finally sat down at the mamak shop for breakfast but even then, one could still feel the heat emanating from a fast cooling Yong! Well, this is what mountain biking can do to you…..

      So a short run it would be and James was to be our technical director (Oi, Teres, what happened to you?).  He would show us the finer points of tackling some of the more technical parts of Kiara. But nobody expected James to set a blistering pace for the first 2km stretch to TTDI. A runaway horse couldn’t have caught up with him! By the time we exited into that X-junction at the peak, Danny, Yong, Julian and myself were totally bonked out. So was James! A 5-minute rest soon stretched into 15.

      On entering the trail again, that long hill seemed even longer and all the more difficult to climb. Somehow, it felt different riding in the afternoon. At the kuil, it was another compulsory stop. Thankfully, James was just as if not more bonked than any of us. Good, this should bring the pace back to humane level. I felt like puking already.

      Instead of turning left to Jane’s Addiction, we went straight for the Twin Peaks and were soon blasting down a stepped descent. Boy, was it fun bouncing down! Did I hear Danny screaming his head off in delight? Then came the first test of skills. It was a steep descent on loose and rutted surface with a 90° turn at a spot which had not only eroded into a deep gully but made all the more lethal by protruding roots. James showed how easy it could be done if you picked the right line. Danny went for the kill next but was sent tumbling by the roots at the sharp turning. He made it the second time though. I went for it next and, surprise, surprise, I made it the first go! Ahem. Suffice to say that Yong and Julian should be given a pat on the back for their never-say-die attitude before they finally called it quits…...

      Then came a fast descent, on a very narrow, twisty and rutted trail. Remembering what James said, I stretched all the way back till my tummy was on the saddle. That helped, honestly, even as I banged my sides against the embankment at some points I could maintain my balance. I followed Danny all the way down to the bottom only to hear shouts from James to push back up on a parallel trail. Boy, it wasn’t only steep and loose but you had to manoeuvre ruts, gullies, roots (which created a mini drop-off) and squeeze through closely spaced trees at many points. James went down first, naturally, but was sent over the bars when his front wheel got trapped at the bottom of that very rooty drop-off. Danny went next, and yeah, made it past the rooty drop but skidded on more roots a short distance further down. Yong was next and, viola, he demonstrated supreme control over machine and terrain and made his way down skilfully! Much encouraged, I took the plunge but only after taking sweet time to gather my nerves! Somehow, it wasn’t as difficult as it looked, squeezed past the narrow trees I did and made it over that rooty drop only to be sent tumbling at the same spot as Danny! Julian made a last minute turn away from the rooty drop, went in between the trees and easily made it all the way down! So, again, it pays to wander off the beaten path.

      A long hard climb followed next before we had a real good blast down the Switchback and then turning left into Berbola Rosak. First, vines grabbed us from all direction, then bang our balls we sure did and real hard as we rode the rutted descent into Desa Sri Hartamas. For the record, Yong still didn’t clear that drop off for the umpteenth time (neither did I!) and lost his Camelbak mouthpiece in the process! Better luck next time!

       Hai Peng Coffee

      Date: Sunday 24 December 2000
      Route: Kemaman – Hai Peng Coffee “Bean” Shop.
      Distance: 120 km

      No calls so it was another Tango ride again for the two of us…  I guess that’s also why this Yellow Centipede was chosen in the first place so that we can keep each other’s company - no matter how fast we ride, we cannot be separated.

      We decided to start early now that we only had ourselves to wait for.  By 7.30am, we were slowly rolling off to the “Start” at Jabatan Ukur.  Started our clocks and off we went.  There would be no stopping (so we wanted) and a steady 20+ toasting up the 1-km hill.  By the time we reached Swiss Garden ….  needed a leak … also good excuse for me to cool off a very hot seat after a steep climb. 

      This time it was really gonna be non-stop.  Toasting a comfortable 30 – 40, we reached our target in a modest 2-hr 15 minutes’ ride time. 

      The holiday traffic was starting to build up and by the time we started our 2nd cup of ICE COLD Hai Peng Coffee Bean – the town was jammed pack with fossil fuel engines and at a stand still.  If only they had stuck to plasma engines…  no jam lah!!! So the usual parade across town was a no-no and it was an about-turn and back where we came. This time we finally did it non-stop. Several good tail winds and we hit some sections at past 40.  Cruising a cool 32 average.  We made it home just before 1pm. 

      After this – it’s no more rides until 2001. Heading up North to check out the 2002 tracks…. You will have to wait and see …. 

      Sign up with PCC at the ClubMTB.com portal, an online resource catering for cycling clubs worldwide. The site offers online facilities for ride scheduling, trail finding, photo posting, instant messaging and discussion forum amongst registered members of the club etc. Best of all, it’s FOC. Besides doubling up as our directory of membership, the site will supplement our newsletter as an additional medium of communication. You can check out other clubs’ activities as well.

      Many of us have registered our membership with PCC at the portal and we urge all our members and regulars who have not done so, to do so asap. Just go to http://www.clubmtb.com and:

      1. Click “Join a Club”
      2. Click “Asia and Pacific” region
      3. Click “Malaysia”
      4. You’ll see PCC listed amongst the clubs. Click PCC.
      5. Click “Create a new member”
      6. Fill up the form and submit.

      Once you’ve registered, a sign-in name and password will be forwarded to you to access the club’s site. Welcome onboard and have fun.

      The ‘New Spokes & Nipples’ is the official newsletter of the PCC Cycling Club. Unofficially, it’s the organ by which PCC members and regulars will ‘kay poh’ amongst themselves! Target is to publish it every Wednesday but do not be surprised if you receive it only on Thursday or, worse still, Friday. After all, we got another job to tend to which unfortunately demands more priority from us………….

      We welcome articles from every body but do try to submit them to us at mailto:pcc_news@...by the morning of each Wednesday, otherwise we’ll pin the blame on you if the newsletter is delayed! And of course, like they always say, we may edit all articles submitted for publication. Just to make sure you say nice things we like to hear!

      The ‘New Spokes & Nipples’ is distributed via the eGroups.com portal. If this newsletter has come to you unsolicited and it irks you like heck, please unsubscribe through the address listed below. Otherwise, we welcome you with open arms and legs to our little circle and, most of all, we look forward to riding with you!


      Some shots taken in the dying months of the Dubai summer (Oct Nov 2000).  It is still hot, although just bearable.


      Group email addresses mailto:pcc_news@...


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