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New Spokes & Nipples Issue 1-1-2000

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    The NEW SPOKES & NIPPLES Official Newsletter of PCC CYCLING CLUB Your Perfect Cycling CompanionsWednesday, 18th October 2000 Issue No: 1-1-2000CONTENTS
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      Official Newsletter of
      Your Perfect Cycling Companions

      Wednesday, 18th October 2000 Issue No: 1-1-2000


      9. POTPOURRI

      By Peter Choong

      We are brand new!

      Times change, people change, everything changes, for better or for
      worse. Maybe it’s the new millennium and people want to do things the
      new ‘millennium’ way. Change or be left behind, that seems to be the
      rally cry of late, everywhere. You hear it from your boss, from the
      politicians, from your spouse (or partner – change or get ditched!),
      from your friends, from everybody…… .

      Lest you’ve not noticed, this whole change thing has rubbed off on a
      group of cyclists in the Klang Valley as well. We have taken on a new
      identity! From now on, we are calling ourselves PCC Cycling Club or
      simply PCC. Why the change, you may ask. Certainly we aren’t changing
      for the sake of change itself. It’s just that circumstances have been
      such that we have to reorganise ourselves. But these are changes that
      will remove any obstacles and distractions that hitherto might have
      stood in the way of we ordinary cyclists who just want to ride our bikes
      and in the process, promote the sport of cycling as a healthy form of
      exercise and recreation. Full stop and no more. Committed we shall
      remain to this objective through the hosting of weekend rides and
      family-based cycling excursions strictly on a non-profit basis.
      Transparency and simple good fun shall be the name of our game.

      Reflecting this new identity and to distinct from the previous
      newsletter that we were associated with, we have aptly titled our
      newsletter the ‘New Spokes & Nipples’. Like before, it shall be our main
      organ for the dissemination of information, not just amongst our members
      and regulars but also within the cycling community and friends who wish
      to be in the know. But we would like to see more participation from
      everybody and we’ll certainly welcome any contributions, articles or
      writeups on interesting subjects even if only remotely related to
      cycling from our readers. And we’ll most certainly welcome your feedback
      on how to improve this fledgling newsletter.

      Unavoidably, we have to build up our database of subscribers from
      scratch, which is also the reason why we had to give the newsletter a
      miss last week. We also apologise if we had missed out delivering the
      newsletter to any of you or your friends. Just drop us a line at
      pcc_news@... with your e-mail address or, alternatively, we may
      have to trouble you to subscribe below. Better still, register with us
      at our new site on the ClubMTB portal more particularly described in the
      last section of this newsletter.

      PCC riders had a throat-burning ride at the Kuang bike hash last Sunday.
      Many of us ran out of water (and food), not because we got lost but in a
      display of the PCC spirit, we went to the aid of bikers in distress.
      Over at Kuantan, Chin and Chong ran high on Ecstasy. They had a blast on
      their tandem at a charity ride. Check out the stories below.

      KOM 3 is just round the next bend. Presumably you fellas are all ready
      for the penultimate event in the KOM series for Y2K. It maybe the
      shortest in the series but you can bet it’s the toughest. That’s why
      it’s reserved for the last – best for last as always! Have fun kranking
      up Genting with PCC – your Perfect Cycling Companions. Pergi Cepat

      By FC Yong @ Krankster
      Rides Director

      Sounds like a sorry excuse but somehow when I got off the plane from
      Penang last Friday nite, my right thumb had a slight swell and later
      over the weekend became worse so much so I could hardly move it. There
      was no way I could ride as even grasping the handle bar itself was

      My thumb is better today and looks like I will be okay for KOM3. However
      I have absolutely no idea how I got the swelling thumb. Ummm... X files

      From what I hear u folks had an interesting time last weekend @ Kuang.

      Excellent reasons why you should participate in KOM3 rather than F1 this

      1. KOM3 is FOC
      2. You get a certificate of achievement after the event - also FOC
      3. You get to participate in F1 again in March next year, at least then
      the battle for the championship is still undecided.
      4. You cannot get TV replay of KOM3 - Someday soon maybe as we are
      working hard at it !
      5. KOM3 is a PCC event and F1 is NOT ?
      6. Get to sip Ice Mocha @ cool 25°C temp.
      7. Maybe last PCC KOM event of the century so you can brag to your kids
      about it.

      So come and join us and get up that hill !

      Here are the upcoming rides that we have planned for rest of October and
      November. Mark your calendars now and see u all on a PCC ride soon.

      Next Rides: -
      Sunday, 22 October - KOM3 - Genting
      Thursday, 26 October - 240km of Madness - A right to brag road ride
      courtesy of Bike Pro
      Thursday, 26 October – PCC Sg Pusu alternate trails recee.
      Sunday 29 October - Ride & Family BBQ at Commonwealth Park/La Gong

      November Rides :-
      Sunday, 5 November - Meru Ride with Klang MTB group
      10,11,12 November - HOB Sungai Lembing Rainbow Falls, Kuantan
      Sunday, 19 November - Sg Pusu alternate ride
      Sunday, 26 November- November Bliss at Kiara

      In The Works ! :-
      -Y2K plus 1 ride schedule
      - Ironheart Part 2 - scheduled for Jan 2001, receeing in December 2000

      Happy Kranking !


      Date: Tuesday & Thursday - 17th & 19th Oct 2000
      Kick-off time: 7.30PM sharp - Pros, Elites, Amateurs, Beginners to start
      Meeting venue: Opposite IOI Mall, Puchong - Car park facing Kah Motor
      corner Showroom
      Duration: < 2Hours
      Distance: 60kM with 3-4 laps of simulated criterium race surrounding
      PutraJaya Precinct
      Recovery: < 20min recovery by the concrete bench along sidewalk
      End of ride: Finishing in front of IOI Mall - Pedestrian Skybridge
      Riding Style: Single & Double file formation
      Must have: Rear Tail lights + noticeable coloured attire

      For additional information, please contact Richard Aubry, the Headmaster
      for Tuesday's ride at office-241 7088, home-255 0611, aubry@...
      and Uncle Cheah at 019 3100 317, cncheah@... for Thursday's
      ride or email webmaster peloton2km@...


      Coming Highlights!!!!!!
      October 22: PCC King of Mountains # 3 – Genting Highlands
      November 10-13: PCC Holiday-on-Bikes # 1 – Sg Lembing

      31 August-3 September: PCC InterState 2000 – KL-Gua Musang
      2-4 June: PCC King of Mountains # 2 – Cameron Highlands
      29April-1 May: PCC Holiday-on-Bike – Cameron-Gua Musang Epic Adventure
      22-23 January: Peugeot Cycles King of Mountains # 1- Fraser’s Hill*

      *Appreciation: Staged under the auspices of the now defunct Peugeot
      Cycling Club.

      4. PCC King of Mountains # 3 – Genting Highlands
      By FC Yong
      Final test of the year! All those training and mileage that you’ve built
      up, time to see the results. But it’s just another hill, so what.
      Details as follows:

      Date: Sunday 22 October 2000
      Time: 7.30am sharp
      Meeting place: Main entrance, Cable car station at Gohtong Jaya.
      End of Ride: Coffee Bean, Genting Highlands
      Total Ride Distance: 30km +
      Participation Fee: Waived!!!

      Ride Description: We will start our ride from Gohtong Jaya by heading
      DOWNHILL towards Batang Kali for a 15km easy warm-up. We will then start
      our climb from Batang Kali all the way to the peak at Genting. Climbs
      get worse after Awana. This is perhaps the most challenging of all the
      KOMs and proper warm-up is essential to tackle the very steep hills. The
      thinning air will not be helpful as well. So plan your ride wisely and
      do not krank or push too hard. Remember the idea is to COMLETE not
      COMPETE. When the pain hits you, just think of the delicious ice mocha @
      Coffee Bean waiting for you at the finishing point (on your own account,
      so bring some money!)

      Logistics: For those without support vehicles going all the way up to
      Genting Highlands, park your car at the cable car station at Gohtong
      Jaya. After the ride, you can take the cable car down to bring up your
      car to collect your bike. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to bring our
      bikes into the cable car! It is also not advisable to ride down to
      Gohtong Jaya as road conditions are extremely hazardous, especially
      during the rainy season. Traffic volume would also be peaking by then.
      All participants to be self-sufficient in water and food.

      Certificates: Incentive to make it up the hill! All riders making it up
      to the peak will be issued Certificates of Merit. Including those who
      made it up to Fraser’s and Cameron previously. Again, due to unavoidable
      circumstances, we will not be able to give out any more KOM T-shirts.

      See you at the hills!

      By WY Chin

      It has been set. Depart on Friday evening after work and back to KL on
      Sunday. No need to take leave.

      Adventure starts on Saturday morning. Expect a full-day ride, including
      one hour’s hike to the pristine waterfall. I know some of you did not
      make it to the falls the last time so now is your last chance before the
      end of the century.

      Interested? Please e-mail us to confirm. For more details, call me at
      019 9600636.

      Cost? Accommodation cheap @ RM5/- per night at Association Hall. No
      need to camp. Full toilet facilities. Unless you prefer the natural

      Food – BYO

      Optional tour to visit the world’s largest underground tin mine on
      Sunday morning. Sorry – no under-16 allowed for safety reasons. More
      details to follow after KOM 3.

      By Boh Chang aka Combo

      PCC Pedal Odometer
      Target: 2,000pk
      Registered: 1,634pk
      % Achievement: 82%

      Will we or will we not achieve the target? With 8 or 9 cyclable weekends
      left of the year, we’ll need to do an average of at least 40km each week
      for the remaining year! Come on, let’s do a century next month or at the
      very least, do the Presidential Trail to build up the mileage! Yong,
      Yong, do you hear?!


      Harsh Bash at Bike Hash
      By Peter Choong

      Date: Sunday 15 October 2000
      Venue: Somewhere in Kuang
      Distance: 18km +/-
      Time taken: 10.00am – 3.00pm (5 hours)
      Saddle time: 1 hour 49 minutes only!
      Average speed: Barely 10 kph!
      Difficulty: Figuring what happened to 3 hours 11 minutes!
      Fun: Recounting what happened to 3 hours 11 minutes!

      Total time taken – 5 hours. Total distance covered – 18km +/-. Which
      gives us an average speed of 3.6 kph! “I can walk faster than that-lah!”
      so my 75-year old osteoporosis-stricken Mum pointed out to me….. . And
      saddle time is only 1 hour 49 minutes. So what happened in between? Good

      Perhaps we were overly confident or maybe just plain lazy. So Rides
      Director Yong said, “No need special road training for KOM 3. Let’s just
      join the bike hash.” So 11 of us did, only thing is Yong didn’t. Called
      up at 7.30am on the morning of the ride to report a swollen thumb.
      Perhaps he sucked too much on it or practised too hard on those brand
      new gripshifters recently installed on his bike and could squeeze them
      no more for a while. Unconfirmed reports say he was spotted riding a
      red/yellow Giant in his big garden!

      As usual, Don was last to show up at the meeting place but this time he
      had Per Li along to share some of the blame. Driving in a long convoy
      with bikes on top or behind is always cool. But the fast-emerging sun
      above told us that the ride was going to be anything but cool.
      Compounded by the fact that bike hashes seldom start at their already
      late appointed time. So it was way past 10.00am when we were done with
      the usual briefing by the ‘hares’ and the hash finally got on.

      As always, PCC riders decided to stick together, not upfront but usually
      at the back, somehow or rather. Kulen launched his quest to challenge
      Don for the ‘Fall Guy’ title when he fired the first salvo a couple of
      kilometres into the ride – attempting to ride over a black rubber hose
      lying across the trail at an angle. “The ground was soft enough,” he was
      heard saying as he picked himself up. Bravo, man.

      Perhaps he was trying to be macho or maybe he wanted a reason to make
      use of his own Bengkel Ah Chung. A short distance further, Teres decided
      to crank his way up a steep hill on high gears and so snapped his chain.
      Pretending to help, we all stopped but really to catch our breath. It
      was here that Kulen fired his second salvo, this time in true Don
      fashion – stuck SPDs. We also took the time to check out Uncle Boh’s
      brand new platform pedals and compared his original Ginova shoes with
      the poor ‘imitation’ that Don had on. James unweighted in the bushes,
      oblivious to all the other hashers passing by us. Good, we are now at
      the back of the pack! We can find our own trail.

      So finding the trail we went, down countless adrenaline-pumping descents
      which turned into knee-destroyers when we had to backtrack. In the
      process, we lost Uncle Boh and Victor but picked up a few other riders
      who couldn’t keep up with the main pack. In true PCC spirit, we helped a
      mat salleh couple, one of whose bike had a flat tyre without quick
      release and neither had the right wrench. So we patched the tube on bike
      and the couple was grateful to no end.

      It was already 12 noon when we had barely covered 12 km. It didn’t help
      either when the trail led into a steep and slippery climb in open space
      after running through a village. On one side was a deep ravine whilst
      the other side of the track was punctuated with 6-foot deep gullies! One
      could literally feel the steam rising from the vents on our brain
      buckets which were fast turning into mini ovens as we pushed our bikes
      up the hill under the blazing sun. This was when a fast-bonking Thomas,
      another rider we picked up along the ride, could take it no more. So the
      PCC 911 Rescue squad comprising Don and Kulen swung into action. They
      managed to coax him to the shade where the rest of us were huddled. That
      was as far as he could go. Even as we shared fast depleting chewy bars
      with him, many of us were running out of water. So a decision was made
      that the rest of us push ahead to get help whilst PCC 911 Rescue squad
      stayed behind with Thomas.

      The last 3 or 4 km back to civilisation was pretty exciting. After one
      more climb that took us to the top of a clearing (view was fantastic
      here!), it was downhill all the way, including one last treacherous
      descent. Treacherous because it wasn’t just very steep and rutted but
      midway down, there was this bloody big hole which will surely swallow
      your front wheel and send you down minus your bike! Then it was a left
      turn onto a grassy single track which was just as exciting where we had
      to inch in between narrow trees, ‘hop’ over lying logs and crossing a
      river to an orang asli settlement. Only Lau managed to keep his feet dry
      when he daintily walked across the shaky coconut tree trunk with his
      bike on his shoulder!

      Back at the starting point, it was almost 2.00pm as James jumped onto
      the 4WD pickup to lead the rescuers to Thomas. And to think James had
      wanted to do the short ride so he could go back to work at 3.00pm!
      Cheers to team spirit, Uncle Boh was there waiting for us, having ended
      up with the short ride and been waiting for us forever, it seems! It was
      another hour later before our PCC 911 Rescue squad members No.1 and 2
      showed up with an ice-cream each! And another half an hour passed before
      James returned on the back of the pickup, having dutifully carried out
      his rescue mission. For that, he was made PCC 911 Rescue squad member

      By then, most of us were so numb with hunger that we made it a point to
      stop at the first available place to eat – and drink of course!
      Time-consuming notwithstanding, everybody enjoyed the ride, including
      off-road rookie Per Li who, against the nature of mountain biking,
      relished all the uphills but groaned at every technical downhil – cos’
      she had to push!

      Certainly the ride was more than any training we could get riding on
      road for KOM 3! See ya fellas at Gohtong Jaya this Sunday.

      By WY Chin

      Kranky Weekend # 1
      Date: Sunday 8 October 2000
      Route: Istana – Jabor Gas Pipes.
      Difficulty: Extremely explosive; chances of survival – not recommended
      for smokers ;-)
      Distance: 12 km off- and 18 km on-road

      For the first time, Chong chose today’s route. It was really quite some
      time when we spoke of this route. It goes back to some 3 years now when
      Tham first started cycling with us. Also one of those extremely rare
      occasions that I rode on a Saturday afternoon. Sorry, no owls flew in
      that day so it must be quite ordinary.

      We never completed this route and I remember only Soh and Tham climbed
      to the top - Soh spotted the other end as Jabo… it is an irony really –
      will tell you later.

      So the track was it.

      Last minute repair on Chong’s bicycle – headset compression washer was
      TKO and her Z2 was overloaded with too much fluid; thought it needed
      more when I opened it last week – leak-lah so thought it was empty…hence
      damping was super stiff when I put in too much oil. After some fiddling
      I finally realised that I couldn’t read Inglish…. Push down and not up
      is the trick before you measure off the 45 mm! Finally got that
      fixed. Doc was at my place and was equally struggling with his XTR BB…
      BTW he finally confessed that he had one week of withdrawal symptoms
      after the Interstate 2000. He is training for 2001… Tony ???
      #$#*&@@#!!!! Doc could not get his chain line lined up properly after
      replacing the BB. Had to take in and out the BB a couple of times
      before we finally found the sweet spot – so much for fixing our bicycles
      last minute and on an empty stomach.

      Kit heard me wrong this morning and came without his bicycle – he
      thought we were cycling road and was geared to ride the full bicycle
      (tandem). Last minute – got a FS Le Run fitted with city slicks!!!
      BTW he managed to do today’s ride without too much hassle.

      Finally started off at 8.30am.

      Across town to the Istana was just right for a warm-up. The quick drop
      after that across the palm estate was exuberating – first time, I came
      down this track on an Alu 050 rigid fork, my most memorable ride (also
      2nd time off road). It was double vision all the way, equivalent of
      riding on a water buffalo. Those of you that had the privilege of
      riding a 050 will know what I am referring to. BTW Yeti is now copying
      its rear design for the Ti frame!

      All of us regrouped at the bottom and headed left instead of the usual
      right. The quick rolling terrain was tackled with a breeze as we
      skimmed above the pipe lines. Can’t imagine what will happen should one
      of these pipes spring a leak below us!

      It was not too long before we came to the final climb. It is a climb
      all right. High enough to put the nearby National Power grid just well
      below you, then you get to the top of the hill – say 300 feet?? Think
      my Sunto is still working ?? And that is just only a 100 meters’
      climb. Not one of us could clear anything past 20 yards from the
      bottom. The rest of the way – walk! Tham showed off his climbing skills
      by carrying it up his shoulders and practically skipped all the way to
      the top. I was among the last to get there but not before I hit
      anaerobic a couple of times. Wooah what a climb … also what a scenery
      from up here!

      I guess its part of the fun in MTB when you start to explore new trails
      and hope not to get lost along the way that makes the weekend more than

      R&R for a good 30 minutes while we decided what to do next. To day – my
      bicycle headset decided to pack in just as the compression clip in the
      A-head set too decided to go pop. Old already-lah so?

      The downhill was all fun as we had to bash across 3 feet of tall grass –
      and not knowing what’s below. Cross your fingers and hold your breath
      for any impacts.

      All of us were spared today – no crashes and it was a sight at the
      bottom looking up. We practically left a trail on the crushed grass.
      Got to do it again real soon! But not that earlier climb – too much kg
      to carry.

      Another 1 km of beating around the bush and we were finally at an old
      log pond. Tham and Chong remembered the place well and we were
      homebound. This junction is an intersection that runs to Bukin Goh,
      Jabo, Istana (where we came) and another … don’t know where.

      I opted to hit Jabo as I did not want to risk damaging my headtubes any
      further. It as a ½ km and we were finally out to civilization.

      We exited at the Chinese crematorium. Ironically because it was Soh who
      named this spot… to were his late wife….

      It was a quick stopper up followed by the two famous down hill run to

      Kranky Weekend # 2
      Date: Sunday 15 October 2000

      Ecstasy Ride

      If you are not too sure what it is all about – let me explain.

      You get to sleep late and only start to roll out by 8. Would have been a
      super ecstasy had I been allowed to sleep another 1 hour!

      Don’t need to worry about my camelbak because someone else has taken
      care of it for me.

      Better still, do not even need to prepare breakfast because at the end
      of the ride, food will be provided. Tell me who doesn’t carbo load more
      than ride??

      Being on my full bicycle (read:tandem) today, we were given pole
      positions because there were only two full bicycles. And not forgetting,
      no need to draft the remainder 500 half cyclists behind us, but to
      follow and be seen! Dapat Gaya-Lah … Even got police outriders to shoo
      the naughty cars to the side!

      Tham was on the other full bicycle and was given the boss seat. Better
      still was even cranked by the VVIP.

      What extra ecstasy experience do you want on an Extra Ordinary

      It was none other than The Ecstasy Drug Abuse Ride at Kuantan.

      Having ridden the very short 12 km parade lap round town was just
      warming up for us so we were definitely game for more punishment after

      Challenges were called to do some intervals at Bay Route. Chong opted
      out on her half so I had Tham to power the full bicycle – never die
      before – like they say…

      Getting to the starting point was easy. Climbing the first gradient was
      a totally different story. We hardly cleared 100 yards, went rubbery
      all over and almost fell flat on the face, as we were kaput, finito,
      burnt out!!

      Save face so we spinned down to the bottom with lots of excuses and had
      a second go. This time smarter, so started with the super granny – and
      cheated a little – 32 x 34 on a roadie setup can’t be too bad. Pity no
      22 for the crank, then coconut tree also cannot stop us.. We tried, and
      we tried hard. Just could not believe we did our best. Legs just went
      rubber. Slightly better but equally stopped dead on the tracks.

      Not that we could not crank, we just could not sustain the momentum and
      our heart beat went to overdrive almost immediately. This time, I
      finally blew my gasket and was spewing steam all over!!! Both my quads
      were burnt out and I could hardly stand – situation was about the worst
      I have ever recorded in my cycling experience.

      That goes to show what shape I am in right now after Interstate – only a
      couple of lazed riding and this is the result…. Looks like it is gong
      to be trouble for me in KOM 3…. Kulen … need any partners for KOM 3???

      See you all at the starting line on Sunday.

      9. POTPOURRI

      By WY Chin
      "Are You An Incurable Bikaholic?"
      Of late, I was informed that some of you had your weekend passports
      withheld at the exit gates and had to be grounded for the weekend (at
      home) while the rest of us kranksters bunny hopped across the muddy
      tracks. That got me quite worried, as I do not fancy loosing any more
      of you.
      Finally had to consult my family doctor for some advice, as the
      situation has gotten quite serious. The test below is to be taken
      seriously if you are serious enough not to loose another more than extra
      ordinary weekend.
      Take This Test!
      "You don't love me anymore!" "I always come second place to your @#$%
      bicycles!" Sound familiar? You're definitely in serious trouble. You may
      be going overboard on the fresh air and exercise bit. You've gone too
      You've probably fallen victim to the insidious malady known as
      What are the symptoms, you ask? Well based on personal experience, I
      offer the following self-analysis. You know you're an incurable
      bikaholic when. ……..
      - You find that a strange jargon is working its way into your everyday
      conversation. Words like "derailleur," "Campagnolo," "Sach," "Eastern,"
      "Dia Comp," and "Shimano."
      - You have an uncontrollable urge to bring your bike into the house -
      preferably in the living room or the bedroom.
      - You find it amazingly easy to justify the purchase of a third bike -
      this one just for special rides.
      - You plan, and actually look foward to, a two-week bicycling vacation
      trekking across mountainous terrain and setting a goal of 75 – 100 mils
      a day, rain or shine!
      - You can actually remember which valve type is Presta and which is
      Schraeder, and are adamant about defending your favorite.
      - Your spouse begins to automatically assume that you'll be on a club
      ride every weekend, or worse yet your non-riding spouse begins to learn
      bike jargon.
      - You meticulously care for your bike, while your $100,000 car quietly
      rusts away.
      - You view Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries as times to exchange
      gifts of bicycling components and accessories.
      - You hang around bike shops without really needing anything.
      - You're so naive that you think a "wheel-watcher" is a bike racing fan.

      - You accumulate bike catalogues - and find something new to order with
      each new issue.
      - You easily rationalise replacing perfectly good components, just
      because something slightly better or trendier just came out.
      - You never throw away the replaced parts - even worn out tires and
      - Your eating habits have changed. Things like "gorp," "Gookinade," and
      "carbohydrates" creep into your diet.
      - You plan the year ahead around the dates for HOB, Iron Heart, the
      Interstate, the KOM, etc (the list grows longer every year).
      - You don't plan any family events ahead until checking the "PCC Annual
      Holiday Planner"
      - You begin to regard your job or school as a troublesome nuisance,
      interfering with your quality biking time.
      - You divide your friendships into two groups - those that bike and
      those that don't bike.
      - You talk about Armstrong, Induran, Chiapucci, and Bugno as if they
      were close personal friends.
      - You talk as if you really understand gear ratios.
      - You'll ride all day in the burning sun and soaking rain, and then
      complain at home if your air-conditioning broke down on you.
      - Your family photo album is becoming filled with bike photos and
      scenery views shot through the spokes. On the other hand, you have not
      taken a candid photo of your spouse or kids for two years.
      - You faithfully log every mile ridden.
      - You regard the severity of a sickness or injury by the length of time
      it takes until you can resume biking.
      - You're beginning to actually enjoy drinking warm water out of a water
      bottle (especially at sag stops, sitting under the shade and pigging out
      on bananas.)
      - You have a permanent black grease mark across the calf of your right
      - Your biggest goal is to participate in KOM (or some other suitably
      difficult race/ride).
      - You would like to wear your colourful skin outfits to work.
      - You belong to more than two bike clubs and/or subscribe to more than
      two bike magazines.
      - You consider not being able to ride on your favourite ride as "the
      ultimate tragedy."
      - You hang on to your favourite biking outfits, like a child's
      teddy-bear, even though they are tattered and torn.
      - You find your memory has improved - you can remember all the price
      tags in your half dozen bike catalogs down to the last detail without
      much effort.
      - You are more concerned about your favourite bike than anything else in
      anticipation of an earthquake.
      - You find working up a 20º climb more entertaining than gobbling down
      popcorn while watching your favourite TV show.
      So there you have it. How'd you do with the test? You may wonder- how do
      I know these intimate secrets that you thought only you knew. What can I
      say? It takes one to know one.
      I hope you enjoyed this little excursion. For more, log on to:

      P.S. Don’t say I did not warn you. Get help early before it’s too
      late! Once you get your passport stamped. You know you are not going
      to get it back that easily!!!


      PCC has registered a site with the ClubMTB portal, an online resource
      catering specifically for cycling clubs worldwide. The site offers
      online facilities for ride scheduling, photo posting, instant messaging
      and discussion forum amongst registered members of the club etc. Best of
      all, it’s FOC. Besides doubling up as our register of membership, it
      will supplement our newsletter as an additional medium of communication.

      Did you know that @ Club MTB:
      · You can check out the photo gallery and find kool pics being posted by
      members? Check out the latest posting from James Yap.
      · It is the fastest way to get updated on current rides and club events?

      · It is the best place to get information on other local trails? You can
      also add your own favourites as well.
      · It is the best way to communicate with other members either via the
      forums or email one on one or enmasse?
      · You can check other clubs activities as well?

      Many of us have registered our membership with PCC at the portal and we
      urge all our members and regulars who have not done so, to do so asap.
      Just go to www.clubmtb.com and:

      1. Click “Join a Club”
      2. Click “Asia and Pacific” region
      3. Click “Other” region, NOT “Malaysia”
      4. You’ll see PCC listed amongst the clubs. Click PCC.
      5. Fill up the form and submit.

      Once you’ve registered, a sign-in name and password will be forwarded to
      you automatically for you to access the club’s site. Welcome onboard and
      have fun.

      The ‘New Spokes & Nipples’ is the official newsletter of the PCC Cycling
      Club. Unofficially, it’s the organ by which PCC members and regulars
      will ‘kay poh’ amongst themselves! Target is to publish it every
      Wednesday but do not be surprised if you receive it only on Thursday or,
      worse still, Friday. After all, we got another job to tend to which
      unfortunately demands more priority from us………….

      We welcome articles from every body but do try to submit them to us at
      pcc_news@... by the morning of each Wednesday, otherwise we’ll pin
      the blame on you if the newsletter is delayed! And of course, like they
      always say, we may edit all articles submitted for publication. Just to
      make sure you say nice things we like to hear!

      The ‘New Spokes & Nipples’ is distributed via the eGroups.com portal. If
      this newsletter has come to you unsolicited and it irks you like heck,
      please unsubscribe through the address listed below. Otherwise, we
      welcome you with open arms and legs to our little circle and, most of
      all, we look forward to riding with you!

      Group email addresses: pcc_news@...

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