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  • George
    ***** That s true. However, his coaching pedigree may be strong enough to label him as just a good coach , who s very adaptable. I don t know that for a
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      ***** That's true. However, his coaching "pedigree" may be strong enough to label him as just a "good coach", who's very adaptable. I don't know that for a fact, but I like his attitude and leadership.
      ***** I'd have to say that I doubt there will be any action of this sort by BB. He has always tended to stick with "his boys", and my guess is that he'll continue to do so, regardless of the disatisfaction some of us have expressed with the OC.

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      Doesn't Mora have more of a background as a Def Coordinator?

      --- In patriotzip@yahoogro ups.com, "George" <patswingr@. ..> wrote:

      > ***** Nobody could be
      surprised with the dismissal of Dennis Green
      > Arizona. Still, I
      have to believe that the perpetual failure of
      > franchise rests
      at a level above the Head Coach. The Cardinals,
      IMO, will
      > never
      succeed with Bidwell as their owner. Players go to that team
      for one
      of two reasons. First, they may go there as drafted players from
      the NCAA.
      > Those players have no choice. Secondly, they go there as Free
      Agents, who
      > are motivated solely by money. The rookies find
      themselves in an
      > that does nothing to help them improve,
      since the veterans there
      are totally
      > unconcerned with the success of
      the team. The Cardinals will never
      be a
      > legitimate contender while
      they are owned by a man who is only
      > with how much profit
      he can make.
      > ***** OTOH, I'm a bit surprised that Culverhouse
      and Saban split. I
      > they are a very decent owner/coach
      combination. I have to assume
      that the
      > security of the offer from
      Alabama was just too much for Saban to
      resist. I
      > see his point. The
      fact is that Alabama "automatically" recruits
      > players. With a
      former NFL coach, the lure of playing there grows
      > stronger. I
      don't see how Saban can fail there! He's a damn good
      especially at that level. ROLL TIDE!
      > ***** That move by Saban
      is, of course, great news for our
      Patriots, on two
      > counts. BB and
      Saban are buddies. Alabama will be producing some
      > outstanding players.
      The BB/Saban connection means that some of
      > players will be
      coming our way. The second plus for us is that the
      > now have to
      start over with a new HC. That is always a painful
      > for an
      NFL team. No matter who they get, the transistion will set
      them back
      for a year or two.
      > ***** I'm also waiting to see whether the
      Patriots might make a
      move for one
      > of the two famous sons who are
      now on the loose. Dave Shula has
      been booted
      > out at Alabama; and Jim
      Mora Jr has been canned by the Falcons.
      IMO, both
      > are very competent
      young coaches. My preference would be to bring
      in Jim
      > Mora Jr as our
      OC. But I'd really welcome either of them in whatever
      > capacity BB might
      see fit to hire them.
      > George

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