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RE: [patriotzip] Oh, no!... Ken Walter to IR!

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  • Don Diamant
    He may not be a great punter but he did more than just punt. I had hoped he might be back to his form from 2001 but looked for him not to choke. He wasn t
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 20, 2006

      He may not be a great punter but he did more than just punt.  I had hoped he might be back to his form from 2001 but looked for him not to choke.  He wasn’t great on his return but that’s not his total value.  He takes snaps for field goal attempts and places the ball for the placekicker and he is very good at it.  Whoever replaces him needs to not only punt well they need to placehold well too.  I remember Barnes or was it Barnett from a few years ago that I was hopeful would be a good replacement for Walter.  It wasn’t long before it became obvious we needed Walter back. 


      I wonder if the reason the practice squad punter hasn’t been moved up is because he can’t reliably placehold yet.




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      Well I am absolutely no Walter fan but your own stats show that on this return trip he wasn't playing badly which was, I think, Don's initial point.  You complain about his low number inside the twenty and then failt to give him credit for doing just that very well thus far.


      Personally I'm not  sad to see him go but I like to see the replacement work before I get too giddy.


      Go Pats!


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      Umm...stats don’t lie, and they also don’t show his remarkable ability to suck MORE when the kick matters more.  I have never seen a worse punter kept on a  a pro tem in the 20+ years I have been watching football.  If he was a cow he would have been shot and put out of his misery for not being able to make any milk.

      Lifetime with the Pats he has had 14 TB.  Miller had 11 this season alone.  His net avg is 33.7 this year, ZERO TB, and only 5 inside the 20.  He is ABYSMAL and if he were in any other occupation I can think of he would be fired, unless there was a benefit for keeping a “special needs” person on the payroll.   He is a “pimple on the ass of progress.”  I hope his injury is not serious, but serious enough to cause him to go into Real Estate for the rest of his natural life and never to darken the doors of the Razor ever again.


      Ken Walter
      Year    Team      G   No.  Yds    Lg   Avg    Blk   I20  TB  Downed    No  Ret  Yds   TD  Net Avg
      2006    Patriots  4   16   591    47   36.9   0     5      0    2             7    52   0      0    33.7

      On 12/19/06 10:04 PM, "rockmaul74@ aol. com" <rockmaul74@aol. com> wrote:


      contrary to popular belief ken walter was doing a good job for us......and what is with punters hurting there feet on our team :(



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