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Re: [patriotzip] One Last Comment

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Your note had some good pick me up quality Don though I m sure there were some bad calls I m not convinced it was entirely as lop-sided as you portray. The
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 11, 2006
      Your note had some good pick me up quality Don though I'm sure there were some bad calls I'm not convinced it was entirely as lop-sided as you portray.  The Wilfork call was astounding but the Seymour one was deserved - course they then let the Fins do that very same play of Seymour's to Brady which was also unreasonable.  I do not, however, credit the officiating as even a small part of the reason for this loss.  The Dolphins outplayed us soundly  - mostly their defense dismantling our all too frequently anemic offense.  The receivers were handled with hard press coverage while the front 7 tore at our offensive line and mostly embarrassed our Tackles.  This gave Brady low time, little room and much pressure which he didn't handle particularly well yet again. 
      I sometimes wonder if Brady getting the ball consistently near the feet of receivers is a credit to his getting the ball close despite plays falling apart or a tribute to evidence something more serious is amiss with this group.
      We were soundly defeated and the promise of this season is not nearly as strong as it was for our team in recent years.  We do ahve  potential but we need some things to start going right soon and we better start making them go right.  We have a virtual lock on winning our division and hosting a first round game at the number 4 seed.  As Dr. Ben Fuller pointed out last night, last year at this time nobody thought the Steelers would do anything.  We are late in putting it together but we re not too late.  They better ger fired up, focused and cohesive if this team is going to start making their stand.  Every team in this league is beatable by us and that includes the toughest team: San Diego.  To get there will be why I'm watching and enjoying  (hopefully_) the games ahead.
      Go Pats!
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      George, you are being melodramatic.  It isn’t the end of the season yet.  I know we lost I painfully witnessed it myself.  I just don’t think that all things considered we played that badly.  Brady was under pressure but that had a lot to do with our WR’s being man handled.  Our WR’s played well but when you are constantly getting hammered outside of 5 yards and when the officials let opposing players move our WR’s out of position while they are trying to catch the call then Brady and our WR’s are going to struggle.  Then on the defensive side most of the Miami drives were kept alive by questionable, although in my opinion a stretch of the use of the term questionable, calls that kept Miami drives alive when Miami couldn’t get it done on their own.  Just when I think the officiating can’t get worse they do.  I would love to hear Pierera’s explanation of roughing the passer by Vince Wilfork while laying on the ground and not moving.  I guess he should have rolled out of the way so that Harrington wouldn’t have tripped over him?  Also, when the officials took several minutes to discuss the Faulk to Brady to Graham pass for a touchdown the official decides after the play is over and after he has made the call that he can then throw a penalty flag?  I’m not clear on the rules in this regard but I have never seen this done ever.  I’ve seen a flag recalled but no flag was thrown on that play.  Why don’t they throw flags after a review when they see a penalty?  How is this so different?  It just doesn’t seem right.  I think this team can sweep the rest of the games for the season.   I also think we can still see a 2nd seeding in the playoffs.  Today put us back a step but Indy and Baltimore are vulnerable right now.  I remain hopeful.


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      ***** I am now convinced that, as Bama has contended for a few weeks, in
      addition to a handful of piss poor WRs, we have a totally incompetent OC. I
      have never seen a more inept Patriots offensive team than the one we are
      fielding this year. There is absolutely no chance that this team can produce
      enough on offense to beat any team that makes the playoffs, including the
      Wild Card teams. There is no imagination. There is no execution. There is no
      discipline. Penalties, turnovers, and just plain failure are the identity of
      this offense.

      ***** This off-season needs some serious attention, and some "stone cold"
      moves by Belichick. We must get a new OC. We must replace everybody in the
      WR corps but Caldwell, and, possibly Jackson (only because this was his
      rookie season, he gets another shot).

      ***** Now, excuse me while I go dive into a bottle of vodka! Sure has taken
      the anticipated pleasure out of watching the San Diego - Denver game! WTF
      difference does it make. We are going to the playoffs as the #4 seed. We
      will lose, at home, to whichever Wild Card team we play. I predict at least
      8 penalties and 3 turnovers for our offensive 11 when we have the ball.

      (Waiting 'til next year.)

      Sawadee Khrap

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