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RE: USA Today Patriots Story

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  • George
    ***** JACKED AND PUMPED! I know we ve all seen very similar articles before, but it s been a while since a major media source packaged it up, and presented it
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2006
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      ***** JACKED AND PUMPED! I know we've all seen very similar articles
      before, but it's been a while since a major media source packaged it up, and
      presented it so well. Speaking of "well", that's what happens to me every
      damn time I read such details of the philosophy that drives this team - I
      well up. Hey, y'all know I'm an EA. It applies in just about all directions,
      including the "sappy" side.

      ***** I am a PATRIOT! When I make a commitment to something, I take it very,
      very seriously. That has always been true for my country. It was true when I
      joined the U.S. Army in 1968. It was true for the OCS Company, and the men
      in it, that I was a part of for 6 often agonizing months. It was true for
      MACV, and it's mission, which I was a part of for a very long year in
      Vietnam. And, since 1960, it's been true for the New England Patriots.

      ***** Like many in these email groups, I waited for 41 years for the
      Patriots to become a team that felt and demonstrated the love of the game,
      dedication to the team, and, most importantly, total commitement to each
      other, that the Belichick teams have had. Those are the feelings that drive
      people to achieve things beyond what would be their limits without such gut
      level fires to drive them. Our teams have always had to cover for lost
      stars. They have always had areas we thought of as weaknesses. They have
      always struggled for most of their victories during the season, and in the
      playoffs, with very few blowouts over the past 6 years. But those
      intangibles come together to get it done in crunch time. It continues to be
      a phenominal ride!

      ***** As I said earlier, the things described by the reporter, and quotes
      similar to those by the players in this article have all been seen before.
      But the consistency with which this attitude and dedication continues under
      Belichick is truly amazing. While we all occassionally question specific
      personnel decisions, including coaching assignments, that he makes, his
      ability to create such a very special, even unique, "3 Musketeers"
      personality for his teams here cannot be denied. I have no idea why he was
      unable to get this together in Cleveland, but I'm happy as hell that he
      didn't. He'd likely still be there, winning Lombadi Trophies for the Mistake
      By The Lake, while players in Foxboro continued to toil in anonimity.

      ***** I have to believe that the Patriots players will read this article,
      and, due to their nature, as described in the article, will be as super
      charged as I feel right now for their drive to, and through the playoffs. We
      have something special! It is not a myth. It is not fading with the
      departure of key players each year. It is real, and it is lasting! I feel
      another Super Bowl win coming, folks!!

      ***** Thanks for posting this, Steve. (Bet you're sorry now!) :-)

      Sawadee Khrap

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