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RE: [patriotzip] Re: Sad Day for Pats Fans

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  • George
    ***** Randy, while I certainly agree, and have said that Brady is not solely responsible for our overall sub-par team performance for most of this season
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      ***** Randy, while I certainly agree, and have said that Brady is not solely responsible for our overall sub-par team performance for most of this season (including in some of our victories), I do believe that his failure to create the big plays we need more consistently than he has is the primary reason for such results.
      ***** I know that the D failed to make the key stops needed in the Jets game. I also know that the D was without Ty Warren and Rodney Harrison, perhaps the two biggest keys to our run defense. It has, in the past, been under just such circumstances that Brady has stepped up to make great plays that overcome the deficiencies we have in other ares. Those heroics are lacking this year, and that is the point I'm making.
      ***** As you said a few days ago, we are probably expecting to much from him. How long can any one player sustain the level of play we've had from Tom Brady over the past few seasons? Every great QB in NFL history has had a down period or two. Unitas, Montana, Favre, Elway, Young, etc. all had seasons that were far below the Hall of Fame level for which they'll be remembered. I'm simply saying that, thus far, this has been such a season for Brady.
      ***** This team has grown used to getting that level of performance from him. Perhaps the team, like we fans, is spoiled; expecting that "the unbeatable" Brady will always come up with what we need for the win. Perhaps they are failing to take up the slack for him, for a change. Whether true or not, we definitely need more from all of them right now, until Brady returns to the great performances he certainly still has within him. Maybe he'll do so this week. Maybe it won't happen until next season. Whenever it is, I'm sure it will happen. I'm also sure that, as you said, we need others on the team to step up, and take over the responsibility of being the "difference maker" that Brady has not been.

      Sawadee Khrap

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      ***** As for the defence, I can't place even one small
      part of blame on them
      for this, or any other loss this season. They have
      allowed more than 17

      While I think your points have been more than
      sufficiently clear on Tom not playing up to par, I
      think you absolutely do not give reasonable credit to
      the defensive failing at the end of the game. Before
      the end, in fact, the defense allowed the Jets to
      convert 6 of 11 third downs into first downs. In the
      classic bend but don't break approach we bent more
      than we should as Pennington and the jets patiently
      took advantage of the steady short allotments. This
      was counter to the method we emplyed last time against
      the Jets and given Pennington's shaky deep game it's
      surprising to me we didn't force his hand more in this
      game. So I question the coaching strategy but the
      defensive execution was clearly below acceptable
      limits giving up first downs at that pace. That
      statistic would have been worse from the last drive
      except the three first down conversions we allowed ALL
      game on second down so as to save jets fans any

      Let's look at that last drive the defense allowed when
      time was critical, the crowd and offense was fired up
      and things seemed promising:

      Tim Dwight catches a 9 yard pass on first down
      -- gave up the short catch and some YAC as we did
      frequently during the game - sad at that critical time
      3 yard run for a first down
      *When defensive stops were most critical they more
      than get the 1 yard they needed
      Incomplete Pass
      *Clock stopped, and defense now can prepare for the
      critical stop...right?
      12 yard run
      *Twelve Yards? This play is where my heart began to
      sink on the seeming rally
      Run for 4 yards
      Pass for six yards
      *Exactly enough for a first down yet again...

      So the defense gave up considerable time and plays
      before finally standing and letting the Jets punt to
      our 11 yard line.

      The offense with no time-outs after a long and suspect
      day did march to the 46 in three passes and a spike
      (should have been two spikes and time for a better
      play) but alas it fell short. The offense is
      decidedly a big factor in the loss and allowing only
      17 points is a generally workable defensive effort.
      On a very sloppy field on a very sloppy day it is
      perhaps too much and moreso when you let up an 81 yard
      Touchdown drive including a 4th and 1 when the
      Opposing team snubs your defense and foregoes a Field
      goal to drive the ball down your throat...which is in
      fact the case after that Gabriel Fumble.

      I think Steve said it well when he noted that Vrabel
      and Bruschi are not getting big plays that help seal
      games. I'm not criticizing Tedy B - the guy had 16
      tackles to lead the team. I'm pointing out that many
      folks are not delivering the plays that are part of
      our many halmark victories.

      Caldwell said it correctly - they win and lose as a
      team and in this instance that is true from the
      Coaching, to the lines, to the offense, defense,
      punter, special teams and all.

      It's time to start one game at a time proving what
      themselves for them and us...let's start it off

      Go Pats!
      (Always Wants to Believe and generally accomplishes

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