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Quotes, Queries and Prognostication

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    My favorite quote after this game was from Caldwell as found in the Inside Slant Steve shared with us: I think I played OK, but we didn t win the game, and I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2006
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      My favorite quote after this game was from Caldwell as
      found in the Inside Slant Steve shared with us:
      "I think I played OK, but we didn't win the game, and
      I think there were a few things I could have done
      better, so I didn't play well enough to win the
      game," Caldwell said. "We lose as a team, we win as a

      These are the quotes that make for the team mantra
      that this team thrived upon during recent periods of
      high success. I want more of these style quotes and
      hopefully from the winning side of things. He stays
      on my list of positive players for the present.

      In the same Inside Slant is suggested the Pats players
      should focus more on the game plan and less on picking
      fights with the media. I was a bit distracted last
      week around here and wonder what I missed on the
      player vs. media angle? Anyone able to enlighten me
      as I heard nothing of it on this list or otherwise.

      Where are the Pats going is certainly an important
      question for we fans. Nobody seems to be doubting
      that Tom's performance is off and any speculations on
      the reason are fairly based on guessing from our
      inside information lack. The more relevant question
      is can we expect it to change? It certainly seemed
      that he threw the ball much better in Minnesota than
      he had done for most of the season. Is it the
      changing offensive line, was it field condition, is it
      receiver, is it the Branch Funk are all those
      reasonable evaluations for why but if so what brought
      out the old Tom in Minnesota? Was he factually
      throwing a better ball there? Was he making quicker
      and wiser reads? Wht I know is that Tom sitting in a
      puddle post game watching Jets celebrate around him
      has good and bad aspects for the future. He's brewing
      on the way things ended and a hard worker as Tom has
      always shown usually gets busy solving and fixing when
      they hit such moments. Everyone hits their limits and
      maybe he is starting to hit his limit on hits and
      other aspects of the business end of football. I
      would have liked to see one of the team get over there
      and give him a hand up - one of his lineman - maybe
      Nick who blew it to let him get the hit. Maybe one of
      his receivers or tight ends or maybe Troy Brown - the
      only older player on offense with him. There was a
      lack of unity there andit isn't my preference for
      gaining confidence that our team is growing in team

      The Coaching is definitely giving me the perspective
      they are slipping a bit. I cannot understand their
      reasons for various decisions but when I have strong
      reason to question it and it fails I have to make a
      note and when those notes begin piling up then I start
      to believe the Coaching staff is paying the price for
      many losses of personell or perhaps just loss of
      focus. The critical point for me is the Pats facing
      2nd and inches on the 3 yard line after a highly
      effective Dillon had run very well. Instead of having
      Dillon or Evans pound it we tried a speed version by
      running Maroney outside. We lost 1.5 yards and
      grossly changed the face of that play. Frankly I
      would have preferred Dillon up the gut to anything but
      I'd have settled for Maroney straight up the middle on
      a quick and power run. The key is to not risk a loss
      and to set up for likely success. Worst case I could
      have accepted a QB sneak but not what we received and
      that four point difference is...well the margin in and
      of it's own right between owning the AFC-East and
      despite a poor performance having thewin to use for
      salve on the wounds of concern for the long term
      performance of this team.

      Our lack of giving up the big play on defense was
      noteworthy with the Ellis Hobbs failure on the
      touchdown as a noted exception. Why Hobbs did not
      make the play is a mystery to me. He certainly got in
      the air earlier in the game to defend a few passes so
      I know he can do this. Does lugging the cast around
      wear him down over a game - does it break his
      concentration at critical moments? That Secondary
      desperately needs the respected veteran to get them in
      focus and motivated. Still the general failing was
      Chad Pennington and his receivers taking the short
      routes we allow. We as a defense often challenge a
      team to beat us with consistent short gains. This is
      not the defense for the Jets with Pennington's weaker
      arm and it's not how we beat them last time but alas
      it was the scheme we seemed to choose and the means by
      which we lost.

      We have some needed wins ahead and sadly we are
      playing a pair of NFC...actually a trio of NFC games
      which while helpful to get wins will still not be the
      most effective of the wins. These aren't arch rivals
      and they are not teams with which we have much
      familiarity. Sure the team better have their focus
      entirely on Green Bay and I agree that we need to see
      some results damn soon with this team if they are
      going to build confidence in themselves as well as in
      their fans.

      Discipline and the drive to win better start coming
      from within the players - they need a player meeting
      and commitment to what lies ahead right now. The
      Coaching staff needs to give them a confident and
      capable game plan but the players need to dig in and
      start winning some individual matches and with some
      pride. Heart and smart I like to shout and Caldwell
      showed me some of tht...now tedy, Troy, Richard and
      Tom need to start demandinding it of all these new
      players and they have to come together as a team.
      These two losses probably could be the impetus to draw
      them in tightly together...if Gabriel and Dillon and
      Seymour can all focus not on their moments of not
      playing but on their moments o future playing.

      Go Pats!
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