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Re: Just For The Record

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Caldwell and Dillon both had very good games - no effort at all to put that into the good column. This was not a good game by the Pats for certain but there
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 13, 2006
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      Caldwell and Dillon both had very good games - no
      effort at all to put that into the good column. This
      was not a good game by the Pats for certain but there
      were many good points and aspects - I think you've
      slipped way too far into pessimism.

      Putting all excuses out t of the discussion:
      The Pats offense was far too inconsistent with flashes
      of solid performance and a woeful third down
      performance to go along with that inconsistency. This
      was especially defective on the parts of Tom Brady and
      the ever changing offensive line.
      2) Third down Defense was equally awful as the Jets
      consistently converted to the detriment of a defense
      which over all still sustained their 17 points per
      game penchant. Seymour was particularly targetted on
      the ground and Pennington was a quick release to
      thwart the few blitz attempts if and when (rarely)
      there was any pressure.

      When they put that great TD by Caldwell onto a two
      point success I felt the team would come back at that
      point. The defense really let us down on that final
      drive and even though they did ultimately stop it, it
      was too late. Despite that the offense moved into
      range for a 62 yard Field Goal attempt with 9 seconds
      remaining but no time-outs. It was reasonable to try
      a quick sideline routine for the additional yards but
      it had to be quick and it had to be on the sidelines
      or it had to be thrown away. Brady and Kaicsur both
      blew it big time and we didn't even give our rook with
      the leg a chance for the miracle kick. It was a fair
      bit of fun at the game on those final drives and there
      was a lot of worthy moments but no doubt this one
      leaves us deservedly sour and in a batttle to win the
      division and make something of this season.

      At 6-3 and with years of many of these guys proving
      things I'm not ready to bail out on them with the
      struggles this season at all.

      Brady sat in the puddle despondent after this
      loss...sat where he had been sacked and let the game
      end around him...there's going to be something coming
      from this moment and I think the strngth in his
      character has as good a chance to drive from this
      point towards our goals than to let it slip away from
      him...we'll see.

      While I like and have much hope for Maroney on many
      roles, this was a game I wish Dillon had seen all of
      Maroney's carries. Dillon was being effective and
      Maroney was low-mixed results. Go with what is
      working in each game...and we did not.

      Go Pats! (always)
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      ***** The Jets averaged allowing 24 points per game
      this season, coming into
      this game. We played them in OUR HOUSE, and scored 14.
      Sad. Very sad.

      ***** Hell of a challenge for Dave to find anything to
      place in the "Good"
      column for this sickening game.

      ***** I am damn near physically ill after this one. I
      can't believe we
      played that poorly against a division rival in our own
      stadium. We have lost
      it, folks. We have just plain lost it. We put up some
      "numbers" on yardage,
      but we have lost the ability to make big plays, on
      either side of the ball,
      when we need them. The magic is gone.

      ***** At this point, I am falling into line with those
      who say that "the
      dynasty is over". This team is certainly not anything
      close to a dynasty.
      This QB is not anything close to the clutch player,
      and dynamic leader, that
      led us to 3 Super Bowls. Maybe it truly has just run
      it's course. Maybe it
      truly is impossible to sustain the level of intensity
      necessary to excel
      consistently . unless you're Lance Armstrong. ;-)

      ***** In any case, I am certain that there will be no
      Super Bowl for the
      Patriots this season. They are simply too mediocre to
      climb to that level.

      Sawadee Khrap

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