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Re: Interesting comment from Bill Simmon's chat on ESPN.com

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  • D Malachi Penney
    And to get back to another point raised by someone on this list not all that long ago, with the way the Pats seem to evaluate the WR position [ie: its not as
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 4, 2006
      And to get back to another point raised by someone on this list not
      all that long ago, with the way the Pats seem to evaluate the WR
      position [ie: its not as high of a priority as other positions] do
      you really see BB, SP and the FO really trying to obtain Randy [Moss]?


      > First off the Sports Guy has not evaluated the money correctly from
      what I understand but we are in the 10 million range. We have much
      time with which to apply that money in a host of ways. We initially
      made a serious and solid run at Ty Law as well as Branch and that
      left us the 'surplus.' We can and likely will use this money to get
      a head start on next season free agents and renegotiations. This
      will happen between now and the end of the season and will do us
      considerable good next year but certainly this year remains a concern.
      > I do not presume that we have an immediate and serious need at WR.
      I believe that Gabriel and Jackson learning the system and blending
      with Caldwell, Brown and Brady could indeed be the sufficient WR
      skills we need. How long it takes them to learn the system and adapt
      is what remains to be seen but I do not presume that Moss could come
      in here and immediately be of benefit either. I do believe Moss is a
      very talented receiver though I want no part of him to be honest.
      I'd rather have Terry Glenn here than Randy Moss. I'd rather ensure
      Vrabel and Graham return than to overpay a Moss guy.
      > Lastly with Alexander out of Seattle for a bit, I'm not sure where
      they will end up but I do not presume it will be top five at this
      point - I presume it has potential but won't be clear for another six
      weeks. Still your overall point there is valid and I would trade
      that pick if it would greatly enhance our team or even reasonably
      enhance our team.
      > Go Pats!
      > Zip
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      > From: rogue35lk
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      > Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 9:33 AM
      > Subject: [patriotzip] Interesting comment from Bill Simmon's chat
      on ESPN.com
      > I know we are all riding the high of a great victory but The
      > Guy had an interesting idea durring his chat last Wednesday
      > on his page). He was again pounding home the idea that we are 13
      > million under the cap (I am guesstimating that number, so don't
      > me). Anyway his point was, why not offer the 1st rounder we got
      > Seattle to the Raiders for Randy Moss? Would seem to make sense
      > the Raiders, they aren't going anywhere, they don't have a QB,
      > have one of the highest paid WR? Of course, this is assuming Al
      > Davis can be rational and isn't still holding the "Snow Game"
      > the Pats (I know both are gigantic leaps of faith). What are you
      > thoughts on this? I know that Moss is a club house cancer and
      > deffinately not a "Patriot type" of player, but you can't deny
      > skills and you can't deny that we have a need their right now.
      > Realistically, the Seatle pick with be in the last 5-10 picks,
      > despite the Pats very solid history picking in that area, usually
      > an area where you can add an impact player. We are so far under
      > cap this year, what do we have to lose? If he can keep his act
      > together for the entire year, what a bonus that would be, if not,
      > him loose and what did we really lose? Like Bill keeps saying,
      > don't get to carry that cap money forward to next year.
      > I'd be interested to hear some thoughts on this.
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