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RE: [patriotzip] Modi's Doghouse - Pats over Bengals

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  • George
    ***** I can t let a negative comment about my #1 man, Big Sey, pass without rebuttal. I must acknowledge the initial caveat that I had only audio access to
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 3, 2006
      ***** I can't let a negative comment about my #1 man, Big Sey, pass without rebuttal. I must acknowledge the initial caveat that I had only audio access to this game. Therefore, I can't debate the specifics of his performance therein. However, next week's game is televised here. I will be watching to see if my theory will be supported by what I see.
      ***** That theory is that Seymour has been "decidedly quiet" solely because he gets very special attention from opposing offenses. I suspect that he is the target of double teaming on virtually every play that is run to his side of the line; and that the same is true on most passing plays. Again, I have no visual evidence to support that. But I would submit that the absence of mention of a DL's name is not necessarily proof that he is not playing well. 

      Sawadee Khrap

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      The fierce fangs of the dog of Courage and Berserker Rage, Modi by definition, still fall when the Pats are victorious if there are players who managed to miss the grade.  In this game there are several but few enough to give merit to the 38-13 de-clawing of the Bengals.
      Worst of the Week:
         TJ "Who's Your Momma" made a bid with his post game comment about the better team not winning.  I guess he doesn't recall Kordell Stewart listening to that on the Foxboro Jumbo-tron over and over as the Pats spanked the Steelers opening night of the Razor!  Still he's not a Patriot and so the title falls to:
      Junior Seau - He's played very well for us this season but vanished in this game in part due to the schemes but in part to having a below par game.  When your team rises so well to the occasion, this can get you the 'worst' of the week.  Worst, however, is awarded tot he one tackle performance and two missed tackle performance which lands him a quick tour of the doghouse but no overnight accomodations.  The venerable vet is expected to victoriously vye for higher accredations in the future.
      Dis-Honorable Mention:
      Richard Seymour - where has the stud of the D-line gone?  Certainly statistics do not tell the entirety of his performance but his name has been decidedly quiet most of this season and much of the Bengals game.  He needs to step up his game-day results and given the talent around him on the DL that should happen immediately as we press into the Division battle with the Fins.  Richard only gets a tour of the house but at his size even the tour is hopefully sufficiently uncomfortable to remind him he doesn't ever belong in the doghouse while being paid palatially.
      Go Pats!

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