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Broke Back Bronco

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Something has to give this week in the clash between New England and Denver and I m predicting it s the back of the Broncos which I m sure is a stunning tidbit
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2006
         Something has to give this week in the clash between New England and Denver and I'm predicting it's the back of the Broncos which I'm sure is a stunning tidbit to most of the known world.  Denver and New England have history and it fairly significantly favors the Broncos at present but even the recent past is only minimally significant in the clash of this year's teams. 
         Denver's defense has been containing the opposition fairly well despite their running defense slipping more than it has in many a year.  New England's two-pronged 'twin blade' ground game is something stronger than it has been for many years and that will test the bend but not break nature of the Broncos.  For one thing New England does have the patience and persistence to allow that ground game to continually amass ground yards on the way to a long, slow and painful advantage over those Broncos.  The one thing you can expect from New England is to not be predictable - ocasionally by the trickery of being...predictable.  Much like the old slogan: "everything in MOderation" - Belichick wold add "Even Moderatin" to this and so it is with his means for remaining unpredictable.  Brady is still a center piece of this franchise and its success past, present and future.  Many are looking for Brady to break out with a remarkable game.  New England is far more interested in notching victories than in ensuring their star QQuarterback emerges with statistical wonder.  I'd certainly expect them to seek a more efficient game out of him than his prior two games but much as it was in those two games, his efficiency is clear when it is most needed.  So the first place I'd look for a Pats edge is their relentless assault of the Denver ground defense.
      Denver has offensively taken their running game as their primary focus and all the more with the struggles of Jake.  While both Bell's are talented runners and New England already knows Tatum can break a big gain on them fairly easy, expect New England to attack the strength of that run game.  They'll have their Bells rung time and again as the Patriots Defensive front 7 is steadily showing the run defense which made it such a force in their previous years.  There are five defensive linemen playing very high quality football while their linebackers are showing more promise than last year and as much performance as necessary.  Senior Seau (Ed Bryant t.m.) is fitting into the system very well and with the return of Tedy Bruschi last week should start working towards their peek on the Inside.  Both can plunge through a gap and make a big play and all the more when playing beside each other and having the comfort of Vrabel and Colvin's stellar play on the outside.  There will not be much room for a run game which should force Denver's hand into steadily riskier plays.
         Unlike last season Jake isn't handling the responsibility very well.  Certainly he could trun around his season and he does have more tools at wide receiver but with Smith managing a concussion it will not be the ideal time.  With a deluge of rain promising to fall upon the field it will not be a promising time.  WIth the proud and Loud Foxboro crowd ready for this vengeance match, it will not be the most promising time for Jake to be anything but Snake Bitten.  Still the Patriots Secondary has been challenged a bit mroe this season than one might hope.  Wilson is having another tough start to this season and this time has Rodney beside him.  Tackling has flashed as an issue and the Broncos do have two receivers well suited for elluding tackles and stretching long gains out of shorter passes.  So with the third game under their belt after this week, there is a little cause for concern about the secondary coming together and playing the type of football that will net a victory and championship caliber defense.  Hobbs has certainly shown continued promise and Samuels played Denver very well last round despite being victimized by a pair of poor calls.  Overall the Bronco failing in the pass game has been much worse than that of the Pats Secondary - edge remains with New England.
         The final group match-up sets brady and the passing game against Denver's pass defense.  Brady has not excelled despite the arrival of a potent run offense for him.  One of the strengths of Brady has been his intelligence and study enabling him to read and adjust at the line of scrimmage.  When four out of five Wide Receivers surveyed have left the team this makes that particular adjustment period all the more challenged.  His pocket awareness is another strength and it is partially predicated upon making the pocket shifts to get the window where he expects his receiver.  Until more time and timing is found this becomes more challenged.  He is over concentrating upon Brown and Faulk in his reads adn that will steadily ease as he gets more time.  It will ease when teams taking Watson out of the play discover that Gabriel and Jackson can both make them pay deep.  It is unlikely to expect miraculous progress this week but the development over many games will be essential for January success.  For this game Tom needs to be aware of the talents in that Secondary and the many facets of Denver pressure on him.  Mistakes like a Champ Bailey 7 the other direction have and will turn the tide of a game and to prevent this Tom must be particularly aware and sharp.  No need to force balls as the secondary will have studied those tendencies and exploit them if TOm isn't ready to be more cautious and protective of the ball.  In only this category to I leave the slight edge to Denver even as I egaerly await the progrtess another week of work with Gabriel, Jackson and our dominant Tight Ends can provide.
         New England has a tough stretch of games ahead with Denver, Cincinatti and  surprisingly tough Buffalo at their home just ahead.  It's a good opportunity to return to dominant Gilette Stadium and earn another Victory.  Denver is desperate to show more promise and in their division cannot well afford to drop to a 1-2 record.  It will be a physical game for certain and likely lower scoring with the wether and styles of these two teams.  This prediction has New England notching a 20-13 victory while running out the clock on the final drive.
      Go Pats!
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