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Mrs. B's 8/15 TC Report

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  • Karen Cardoza
    August 15, 2006 (Afternoon Session 4:30-6:30) Just got in from today s single session and there s not much to report. (I m soooo playing catch-up due to my
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      August 15, 2006 (Afternoon Session 4:30-6:30)


      Just got in from today's single session and there's not much to report.  (I'm soooo playing catch-up due to my technical woes here that it's just as well...)


      *  Guys wore shorts, shoulder pads and helmets.


      * The VIP section was packed and spilled over on to the hill on the other side of the stands.


      * Pace was slow and lots of scout work was done to prepare for Arizona.  Some of the players being represented by scout jerseys were Edwards (83), Wilson (24), Boldin (81)...


      *  Ex-PUPpies and Atlanta scratches Seymour, Koppen, Harrison were back on the field tonight and Rodney spent a good deal of time involved in the plays.


      * Faulk was back in his regular jersey shedding the red no-contact jersey that he wore yesterday.


      * Ben Watson stood out during drills  connecting with Brady all night.


      * Catch of the Night:  Long bomb from Brady to Caldwell at the post being covered by newbie Gemara Williams (42).


      * Light and Mankins took a lap together form a false start.


      * While the punt team was on the main field, Brady did some one on one screen work with Maroney and Dillon in the left field.


      * Erik Davis did some self prescribed pushups during the Square Drill.


      * The boys have taken to woooo-ing and chanting as the competition between Gostkowski and Gramatica heats up at camp and were boisterous as each lined up... Both took 4 attempts at the end of practice and it looked to me that Gramatica hit all 4 of his but Gostkowski missed one  of his,  however it was so close that I could be wrong as others say it looked good from their vantage... 


      * Fashion Update:  Rookies were supporting Chrome Domes... so either they've been allowed to completely shave off the "creative haircuts" or the Cue-Ball was the signature coif of the Class of 2006. Corey Mays was also allowed to keep his dreads like our #1 pick Maroney.  Favoring Man Capris for the evening were Tebucky, Graham, and Lonie.


      * DBs signed,  along with Brady, Vrabel, Maroney and others...  Many fans walked away happy as the depth was single file at the ropes.


      Tomorrow is a double and I'll be there...  Check out the sounds of this session on Podcast #83.  www.patriotworld.com


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