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FW: [ocpf] Rodney Harrison is Back!

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  • George
    You folks back in New England need to see this. Hope it helps somebody get a ticket! Sawadee Khrap George ... From: ocpf@yahoogroups.com
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      You folks back in New England need to see this. Hope it helps somebody get
      a ticket!

      Sawadee Khrap

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      Subject: RE: [ocpf] Rodney Harrison is Back!

      Hello New England faithfull, my Name is John Oliveira, from Cape Cod Mass. I
      am currently stationed in Port Hueneme Ca. and am looking for a Place to
      Watch the Games with fellow fans. I am also a Season Ticket Holder, with 4
      tickets to all 8 home for the 2006 season, if anyone is interested, drop me
      a line. GO PATS!!!!!!!

      CM2(SW) Oliveira
      31st SRG NBVC
      Port Hueneme Ca.

      >From: Barry Inciong <binciong@...>
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      >Subject: [ocpf] Rodney Harrison is Back!
      >Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 20:12:23 -0700 (PDT)
      >Rodney Harrison was activated today (off the physically unable to
      >list) along with Dan Koppen, Richard Seymour, Daniel Graham and
      >Jonathon Sullivan. Harrison's return in particular is a HUGE
      >development as there was speculation that he may never play again after
      >tearing all three knee ligaments 10 months ago in a game against
      >Pittsburgh. This is not to assume that he will be ready to play in the
      >opener but it looks like he may be ready sometime early this season and our
      secondary dearly needs him.
      > Here is some of the interview after his first training camp practice
      > How does it feel to be back?
      >"How does it feel to be back? It feels really good, all things considered.
      >It's been a long time, a lot of nervous excitement, but finally it felt
      >good to kinda sneak past you guys and come out here and practice."
      > Did you ever doubt this would happen?
      >"Never doubted, I know you guys may have doubted, but I never doubted.
      >That really just serves as motivation to focus, work extremely hard,
      >just have my faith in God. It got me right here."
      > Were you tentative at all out there?
      >"I didn't come in with a spirit of fear, I came in with a spirit of
      >peace and I knew I worked extremely hard. My trainers, Jim Whalen (head
      >trainer) and Joe Van Allen (ass't athletic trainer and director of
      >rehabilitation), along with my weight coaches, Harold Nash (ass't
      >strength and conditioning) and Mike Woicik (strength and conditioning
      >coach), we worked hard. We tried to duplicate every single move I could
      >make in football and so when I came out here, I felt as if I was pretty
      >mentally, as well as physically, prepared. I felt pretty good."
      > Any last hurdle you had to clear?
      >"Not really, whenever you go through something like this it's probably
      >more mental than anything, overcoming that mental stumbling block. Like
      >I said, when I stepped out here on the field, I felt a spirit of peace
      >and that's kind of where I'm at right now."
      > Why today?
      >"Why today? Because none of you guys predicted today. None of you guys
      >are gonna feel good about that."
      > Where's did you get motivation?
      >"He's 33 years old, he'll never play again. That's all the motivation I
      > When were you cleared?
      >"When I stepped on the field."
      > Can you assess what you did today?
      >"Did some individual drills, did some scout team, just got familiar
      >with everything, the tempo of the game, the speed basically on the look
      >Like I made a joke with one of my guys, I said, 'I've really never
      >experienced being on the fourth team, maybe third-string, but not the
      >fourth-team.' So that's where I'm at."
      > Will you be ready to play Buffalo in the opener?
      >"I'm looking forward to tomorrow. To see if I can practice tomorrow,
      >that's what I'm looking forward. I'm not worried about Buffalo or what
      >happens in the near future."
      > Was it emotional going out to the field?
      >"Very much so. It was something, just a lot of different thoughts and
      >feelings and emotions going through my mind and my body. Like I said,
      >at the end of the day, when I first stepped on the field, it felt a
      >little weird, but once I did a couple sprints, I felt at peace."
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