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Mrs. B's TC Report 8/3pm

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  • Karen Cardoza
    August 3, 2006 (Afternoon Session 2:30-4:30) Just got in from this afternoon s session... Another hot one; what else is new?! Guys were in full gear and had a
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      August 3, 2006 (Afternoon Session 2:30-4:30)


      Just got in from this afternoon's session... Another hot one; what else is new?!  Guys were in full gear and had a physical practice  unlike the walk through this morning.


      Short for time so here goes:


      *None of the PUPs like Seymour, Graham etc. who were on the field doing the walkthrough this morning were there tonight.


      *Asante was back on the field tonight and Dillon missed his first practice.  (Mrs. B is waiting for Vrabel to have a Vet Day off... it must be coming soon.)


      * In his first night back,  Asante picked off a long Brady pass  intended for Jon Stone...


      * Lots of situation football with pads cracking!


      * Troy Brown was in TOP form this afternoon, snagging everything thrown his way, with an exceptional  catch diving for a Brady bomb. 


      * Ben Watson struggled,  dropping a couple, most notably when one bounced off the numbers while he was wide open.


      * Speaking of Ben, Vrabel was all over him today... robbing him of a catch  by cutting in front of him to deflect a  pass and also  by pummeling him in the blitz drill.


      *Maroney and Mays met up again in the same drill, turned it up and ended with friendly butt slaps... keeping their competition alive.


      * Gene Mruczkowski ran a lap after the officials whistles stopped the play.


      * Chad Brown left the field with a trainer.


      * Guys ran windsprints at the end of practice, which ended a bit early, at 4:00.


      * It was once again like the Dog Days of Bryant with plenty of room at the ropes for autographs and player interaction...


      * Special Teams and QBs were assigned to sign and stayed well past the required time... Many others did as well, including Vrabel, Davis, Maroney, Andrews and Spann.


      * Mrs. B got a chance to say hi to Lonie and was also recognized by a fan due to the Fashion Update from earlier today... hehehe!


      I've had a major technical snafu and am behind in the podcasts.. The plan is to get two done tonight... Wish me luck!  The Soundseeing tour for today's practices will be Show #74.   www.patriotworld.com

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