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Mrs. B's TC Report 8/1AM

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  • Karen Cardoza
    August 1, 2006 (Morning Session 8:45-10:45) This morning s session was by far the lightest crowd and one of the most comfortable on the hill for me...
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      August 1, 2006 (Morning Session 8:45-10:45)


      This morning's session was by far the lightest crowd and one of the most comfortable on the hill for me...  Although muggy, it was overcast and not too hot and I was able to spread out.  I expected the boys to be in shorts because of tonight's in stadium practice but I was surprised to find that they were dressed in full gear.


      Here are the quickies for today... I'm behind on podcasting and hope to get yesterday's show up this afternoon.


      *  Tom Brady was back on the field after missing 3 straight practices but Tedy was absent missing 3 out of the last 4.  Troy was off again today.


      *Coming off PUP were Chad Jackson (17) and Bam Childress 13. 


      * Ellis Hobbs and Artrell Hawkins got down to the Sugar Hill Gang during the stretch today...hehehe!


      * Lots of drills today... and running game work down in the opposite end of the field  from me.


      * Defense came up big in Red Zone work towards the end of the practice hooting and hollering as they continued to stop the running game. Freddie Roach (48) made a big stop holding Maroney out of the end zone. 


      *It was Gostkowski's turn on the main field today both for kick-offs and field goals.  He hit all of them  and he didn't disappoint the kids waiting on the hill to catch them.


      * DB's signed today and anyone looking for an autograph came up big as there was plenty of room at the ropes. 


      * Maroney also came over and was quite impressed when Erdoboy asked him to sign his jersey.. and gladly obliged... yippee, Ed!!


      * Slow news day... so here's the Mrs. B Fashion Update thus far:  Today was Pro-Bowl Bruschi, following Throwback Bruschi, Superbowl 38 Bruschi, Silver Bruschi and White Bruschi... hmmmm.. what will tomorrow bring?  One can only venture a guess.. but here's a hint... It'll be a Bruschi!


      Today's Soundseeing Tour will be combined with tonight's practice and will be Show #72.  www.patriotworld.com


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