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MRs. B's TC Report 7/31pm

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  • Karen Cardoza
    July 31, 2006 (Afternoon Session 2:30-4:30) Hey kids... Sorry for the delay again but the Mommycab got called into service... Jake started football practice
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      July 31, 2006 (Afternoon  Session 2:30-4:30)


      Hey kids... Sorry for the delay again but the Mommycab got called into service... Jake started football practice tonight so no sooner did I walk in the door from camp that I had to turn right around.... (We're not even going to talk about the foul mood I was in when I saw the mess that the kids left for me either... grrrrr!)


      So, better late than never...  This afternoon was a hot one for sure!  Everyone who knows me knows that I love the HHH weather and it's a good thing because more is on the way... Heat, I can take.. it's the sore cheeks from spending all those hours on the hill that's starting to  get to me!


      Here's the tidbits for today:


      * The boys were in shorts for the second session.  Tom Brady missed his 3rd consecutive practice.  Tedy wasn't there again this afternoon but Troy was.  Matt Light was also on the field.


      *  New dude, WR Kelvin Kight is wearing #2.


      *  During drills, Wide Receivers looked "awfully cute" (hehehehe!) hopping and skipping after an initial burst of speed.  Special Teamers worked in the left field downing punts and swatting them away to prevent them from going into the endzone.  Maroney and Tebucky Jones caught my eye.


      *  Rache Caldwell best stay healthy as he's clearly the best that we've got (in camp) right now!  He was the only light during a long stretch of incomplete passes to wideouts today by Cassel.  


      *Watson stood out, making some difficult grabs and protecting the ball well.


      *Maroney caught an over the shoulder punt right at the goal line, dragged his feet and tossed it back where it was downed.. (sorry ...missed by whom!)


      *There was a stretch where the DBs had quite a few diving blocks.. most notably Ellis Hobbs in the Endzone where he proceeded to celebrate quite vocally. 


      *There were some blown coverages however,  as Troy literally stood in the Endzone and caught a pass near the goalpost with nobody even close to him.  Watson also found himself alone  along the sidelines.


      *Wesley Britt (65) took another lap.


      *There were quite a few sprints at the end of the practice but Wilfork, Caldwell and  Samuel were on the side doing Core work with a trainer instead.  Between all the doubles in a row and the conditioning running, it appears that this camp is very different than in the past...


      *Waterboy's newest ditty:  "Ice cold Gatorade... It's no Baloney.. It'll have you running... Like Laurence Maroney!"


      *Hobbs and Sanders both ran extra after practice again.


      *O-Line signed today... (and did this morning with WR, but it appears that this morning's was an extra as they all went directly to the handicapped section.)  Josh Miller came over to sign a few after hearing "You promised!" from someone in the crowd.  Cory Bramlet signed quite a bit as well.


      (Sorry that things aren't that precise.. I'm trying to find names on my recording but it's late and taking forever so this will have to do.)


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