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Mrs. B's TC Report 7/30

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  • Karen Cardoza
    July 30, 2006 (Afternoon Session 2:30-4:30) Hey kids... most of this is probably posted elsewhere by now because I m still playing catch-up but here goes the
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      July 30, 2006 (Afternoon Session 2:30-4:30)


      Hey kids... most of this is probably posted elsewhere by now because I'm still playing catch-up but here goes the super mini-version:


      Today was HOT (yippee!!) and very, very crowded at camp!  We arrived the earliest we have thus far and the bleachers and most of the grass, and VIP area were fully packed by the time we got there.  Luckily, there was enough room to squeeze beside Peg in my spot.  Jake took off down the hill to take pictures and Big Al settled in beside me for the first time.  We had lots of visitors as well:  Laureen & Larry, Vincent from Montreal, Cookie, Pires and Erdoboy Ed. 


      Here are the tidbits for today:


      *Players wore full pads under the blaring sun.  Tedy Bruschi and Tom Brady  were not around and likely had a veteran day off. I didn't see Rache Caldwell or Jarvis Green either.   Troy Brown made his first appearance in pads as he's only participated in the second practice of the double sessions thus far which have been in shorts. 


      *With Tom off the field, Cassel assumed the number 1 spot for the afternoon and seemed confident during his running 7:7 drills hitting most everyone,  most notably TE David Thomas (86), Troy Brown, Kevin Faulk, John Stone (14), Ben Watson,


      * The "most intense" award today goes to RB Laurence Maroney and LB Corey Mays who faced off on the blitz pick-up drills... Both kept the intensity going by refusing to quit even when locked together, finally both falling to the ground.  Maroney lost his helmet in the process and it looked like punches were going to be thrown  when they got up but daps were exchanged instead showing mutual respect.   The crowd went wild!


      *Corey turned up the heat today plowing through everyone.. up the middle and along the sidelines.. He had his strut going and the fans ate it up...


      * Stephen Neal took the first solo lap that I've seen thusfar...


      * TBC was beaten badly by Watson... and looked like he was dogging it...  :-(


      * Guys did sprints at the end of practice. (Ellis Hobbs and James Sanders stayed late to do some extra running on their own.)


      * Special Teams and Quarter Backs signed today and a few extra players signed but not many... Don Davis continues to be a post-practice crowd pleaser coming over daily to sign with a smile.  Brad Seely was beckoned  by the crowd and signed some as well. 


      I'm running sooooo behind in everything (and tomorrow is another double session... ) so look for Podcast #70 to be up as soon as I can get to it.  www.patriotworld.com

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