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Mrs. B's TC Report 7/29AM

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  • Karen Cardoza
    July 29, 2006 (Morning Session 8:45-10:45) Hey Kids... headed out with Big Al for Day 2. It was an 8:45-10:45 morning session and was a hot one...(just the
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      July 29, 2006 (Morning Session  8:45-10:45)


      Hey Kids... headed out with Big Al for Day 2.  It was an 8:45-10:45 morning session and was a hot one...(just the way Mrs. B likes it!!)  JoePhoto and Erdoboy arrived later to join us...


      Guys were in full uniform and took the same pattern as we've grown accustomed to... various drills taking place all over the field.  Unfortunately, I forgot to put my contacts in so I could see lots of men in blue, white or red jerseys but details were sketchy!


      Here are the quickies for today:


      * No Troy Brown again this morning nor Graham, Watson, or Mills.  (Rasby and Thomas were the only TE's out there.)  Matt Light was back.


      * It seems to me that they're using so much more of the far reaches of the fields than ever... hopefully it's just to preserve the grass and will be moving closer to the fans soon..


      *  During drills this morning, there was a new twist to the WR one... Many days the cones are set up in a square and guys catch balls on each side.  Today there was a line of cones set at a diagonal and they ran through, cutting and catching balls in between.


      * Tedy B laid another lick on Maroney  again today during the team portion... leveling him much to the delight of the crowd!


      *Earlier Maroney laid one of his own on Chad Brown who lost his helmet in the process..  Brown is now back to his former number 98 and Barry Gardner switched to 47 freeing it up.


      *In other crowd pleaser, Klecko leveled Maroney who coughed up the ball at the opposite end of the field as me.


      *TE David Thomas (86) saw some action  this morning during full squad work. Caldwell (87) still continues to impress.


      *  One of the big defensive dudes was escorted off the field by a trainer and although we didn't catch the number, by the process of elimination, it appeared to be Marquise Hill (91) who was limping.


      *Heath Evans showed aggressiveness during 1:1 drills notably plowing over David Thomas.


      *Mel Mitchell drew props from coaches for his play coming up agains Tebucky Jones in the same drill.


      * Tight Ends and Running Backs signed after practice, and the walking wounded members of that crew joined in after working out with trainers.


      * A mini stampede occurred after the official signing session ended when fans rushed the field surrounding Dillon and Maroney.  Apparently Dillon was on the field with some kids (family members?) and people in the stands saw it and started rushing the field surrounding him for autographs.  Spreading like wildfire... people on the grass followed suit and surrounded Maroney who looked bewildered. :-) 


      The second session for today is from 5:30-7:30 and I'll be there of course!   However, we have plans for the evening so I may not have time to sneak a report out before landing in the dog house for being late.. hehehe!  No fear though, it will be coming at some point!


      The podcast for this morning's session will be #69.. which I will begin working on as soon as this report is posted and I can do a few things around the house.

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