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Mrs. B's Training Camp Report 7/28pm

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  • Karen Cardoza
    July 28, 2006 (Afternoon Session: 2:30-4:30) Luckily, the predicted rain held off and we enjoyed our second session on the hill... The crowd seemed to be half
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      July 28, 2006 (Afternoon Session:  2:30-4:30)


          Luckily, the predicted rain held off and we enjoyed our second session on the hill... The crowd seemed to be half the size of the morning so there was more room to spread out.  I hooked up with the Patriots Planet crew of Peg, Joephoto, Cookie, Bideau, and Ras (Sean).  Guys were in shorts, shoulder pads, and helmets for the afternoon.


      Here are the pm tidbits:


      * There were quite a bit of one on one drills going on in various sections of the main field throughout the practice.


      * Troy was on the field looking fine but Matt Light was nowhere to be seen.  He made some good catches but missed some that he would have made "in his day".


      * The receivers earned the honors of running the first penalty lap, lead by Brady. 


      * New Dude, Keron Henry is wearing #1 but dropped most of what was thrown his way.


      * Ty Warren earns the honors of getting into the first scuffle  of camp with members of the OLine way in the back corner... (Mrs. B says:  Yes... Bring the intensity on!!)


      * Rache Caldwell still was a favorite target and after missing a ball  that he thought he should have caught, hit the deck on his own to do some push-ups.  (Nice attitude!!)


      *Vrabel is still a is still a ball buster as always and got under Brady's skin after rushing him and taunting.  Brady reciprocated with a shove.


      *Dillon made a crowd cheering Catch and Run promptly followed up by one from Maroney. 


      *TBC clearly would have sacked Brady during the team portion.


      * During one miscommunication, Brady missed Troy (and someone else) throwing it between them and was clearly pissed, yelling out a loud swear.


      * Tedy is not wearing the elbow brace that he has for a couple of seasons.


      * Corey strutted his stuff shirtless after both sessions heading off the field.


      * The team ran quite a few sprints at the close of practice and BB called out certain guys and gave a list of where they screwed up (Mankins was one of them called out...) and had to run extra.


      * Linebackers signed this afternoon, and Tedy especially, started way in the back and made his way all around staying 1/2 hour (or more) signing.  (I was hoping to say hi and ventured down to the ropes.. (yikes!) but as he got closer, everyone crowded in so much I abandoned ship and headed up the hill.)  FYI..  DB's signed in the morning for anyone interested.


      Chatted a bit with Dan Pires, Buddylove, Promisedland, and Bryan Morey along with my fellow Planeteers.


      That's it for now... It's 7:00 pm, I haven't eaten yet and haven't even started editing the sound seeing tour for the podcast yet.  The entire day will likely be combined as there was no time to get it done between sessions.  Show number will be 68.  Check it out at www.patriotworld.com and also look for pictures that will be posted as soon as I can edit them and get them up.



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