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Mrs. B's TC Report 7/28 AM

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  • Karen Cardoza
    July 28, 2006 (Morning Session: 9:00-10:30) Good Morning Kids... Patriots Training Camp has officially started and Mrs. B is back on duty! First, some quick
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      July 28, 2006 (Morning Session:  9:00-10:30)

      Good Morning Kids... Patriots Training Camp has officially started and Mrs. B is back on duty!  First, some quick housekeeping stuff for those of you who are new or as a reminder to those that have forgotten.  I'm just a fan, like all of you and never claim to be an expert on anything... I just hope to share my experiences with those you who aren't as fortunate as I am to be able to attend camp... 

      Here's the traditional disclaimer:  Any reference to "my boy", "my man" etc. refer to Tedy B,  although we all know that I'm not the REAL Mrs. Bruschi!  Also, throughout the course of the reports I may reference seeing fellow fans at camp and many "inside" things may not seem clear to everyone... Since I have affiliations with a number of fans and groups, you may not "get it" but those involved will.  I don't mean to do this to annoy or confuse people but the initial intention of the reports was to inform a small email list of fans and friends about the happenings at Bryant back in the day.  At the request of others, I started posting on various message boards and other places and it spread like wildfire and has evolved into what it is today.  However, I remain true to my initial style as it's what makes me most comfortable and it's who I am... So, skim over what you're not interested in and/or shoot me a line and I'll be happy to clarify anything for you.  Fair Enough??

      And now..... Let Mrs. B's Annual Training Camp Reports Begin!!

      This morning's first practice took place under hazy skies and the predicted rain did not push the boys indoors and us to the Stadium bowl... (Thankfully,  because they're likely breaking down the stage from last night's Bon Jovi concert and I'm not sure if they would allow us access anyway.)  Speaking of last night, JBJ had this to say:  "If only I could have the brains of Belichick,  be as pretty as Brady, and have toughness of Bruschi..."  then the crowd went wild so I never caught the rest!  He mentioned that the team was in the house...kicking off Training Camp at the concert.

      I was running late... (gasp) due to a pit-stop for film so the boys were already on the field when I arrived. Luckily I was able to grab my usual spot on the grass and avoid total meltdown... hehehe!  Guys were in full pads and were doing positional drills for most of practice.

      Here are the quick hits...(because.. YIKES, it's almost time to head back out for the afternoon session!)

      *In addition to the expected MIA Puppies and Branch,  most notably absent from the field were Troy Brown and Daniel Graham.  Hopefully Troy's not hurt but perhaps he's on the Sr. Citizen plan and has been granted a bit of leeway in order to limit his time on the field.. ala Willie McGinest et.al.

      *Gostkowski (3) nailed his fieldgoals (with great accuracy and height) during the positional drill portion of the practice.  (Jon Condo (46) snapped in Lonie's absence.)  Towards the end of practice during live portion, Gramatica (7) did the honors and nailed all of his much to the delight of the waiting fans on the hill.

      * Tebucky Jones is back to his old number 34.

      * Tedy and Beisel manned the middle with the first unit with Vrabel moving back outside.  The Vrabel/Rosey combo sounds good to MrsB!

      * During full squad work Brady hit Rache Caldwell down the sidelines causing the biggest crowd reaction of the morning.  (Hobbs was in coverage.) Caldwell  was clearly  the outstanding receiver of the day... (Have we found our #2?!) Matt Light celebrated with Brady with a woot and high five!

      * Tedy B and Tebucky both had INTs....

      * Speaking of Tedy, he "welcomed"  Maroney into the NFL in style with a huge crack!  Vrabel laid a huge hit of his own but I was multi-tasking (ie... chatting) and missed seeing who was the lucky recipient.

      *New dude,  TE Walter Rasby was on the field wearing Fauria's old 88.

      * Kevin Faulk returned punts today.

      * I spent the morning session with Erdoboy Ed (no longer from Japan!), Cookie in College and Chris (Bleed Blue) and spoke to Mike Reiss (thanks for the kind words, dude!) and Tom Curran for a bit. 

      I'm sure there's more but... Big Al is here and it's time to head back out... Mrs. B is not too keen on the double sessions coming so close together and prefers the morning/evening combo... but... It Is What It Is!

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